I saw a photo this morning of a friend of mine face down on the carpet of his living room, passed out after a long night of drinking. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know that photo has been posted yet and I positive he would never in a million years think that the very same photo would of sparked the idea for this blog entry.

The carpet was stained. the couch was the kind with an awful floral pattern that can only be obtained from hard rubbish collection. The coffee table was littered with half empty drinks, ash and other various paraphernalia of “a good time”.  I immediately thought to myself, “I’m glad we don’t live like that anymore” and then “ We….Used….To…..Live…Like…That….Ugh!”.

Mama Fearse and I used to live in a basically condemned house that was nestled in an affluent inner suburb of Melbourne. Our neighbours hated us and I often gave them plenty of reason to. Chain smoking on the front porch in my bathrobe, Wu-Tang blaring out the lounge room window while surveying our ever expanding lawn jungle. As the house was intended to be demolished and rebuilt at some stage, we took selective care of the place, especially the main living area.

Whilst we lived in the falling down house, we were robbed. When the police came to get a statement from us and inspect the crime scene, they commented, “Gee they really turned this place upside down.” We didn’t have the heart to tell them that the house always looked like that, Mama Fearse actually didn’t even realise we had been robbed for 4 hours, until I came home from work and went to turn on the missing Playstation.

After seeing the aforementioned photo this morning, Mama Fearse and I looked at some old photos from that time period and both agreed we were glad we didn’t live like that anymore. We don’t drink heavily or smoke anymore, we replaced the filthy ashy coffee table in our lives with the clutter that Mama is furiously reducing. While I may sometimes miss the lack of responsibility and general financial freedom, I’ll take the mortgage, the kid and the clutter all day everyday over the “good time.”

Guess this is growing up huh?

Old Man Fearse


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