Links we’ve loved #3

The Mommy and Me Bookclub is loaded with great ideas for activities you can do with your toddler when reading. We love this because we like to take an integrated approach to book reading with Little Fearse, like taking Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider” to the farm with us this weekend. Of course ours is a Mama, Daddy & Me bookclub.

We found a great recipe for cheese and vegemite scrolls using puff pastry. Mama has an issue with kneading (very low success rate), so loved the idea of not having to knead the pastry. Little Fearse is currently quite enamoured by the ones we buy at the bakery. Unfortunately the site is down, so here’s one that requires kneading. Someone else might like to trial it. Mum?… 😛

Why is Finland just so much more evolved than the rest of the world?

Big Poppa humour. Can music start a party anywhere?

Feel like helping start a library in Nepal? Of course you do! This is especially terrific if you have a lot of excess children’s books and you like in the US where it is more economical and ecological to send your books in for this great initiative.

George Carlin makes us laugh.

Little Fearse’s birthday book When Louis Armstrong taught me scat arrived finally.


We have all been loving it – fun to read and to listen to. We’ve paired it with family dancing to Louis Armstrong videos and long car trips listening to Ella and Louis CDs. Little Fearse even has a new jazz dance move that involves a shoulder roll. Lots of musical fun in the Fearse cave.

Have a fun weekend. Happy non-birthday to the Queen.

Big Poppa, Mama and Lil’ Fearse xoxox