Links we’ve loved #11

So, Mama tried to make these tortillas today. The recipe looks so simple – how could she fail? Well…she did. Any sticky dough advice welcome. You should try this recipe, because it looks perfect. The best bit about attempting to make tortillas was when Little Fearse threw a very clear and definite “tortilla” into her nonsense sentence this arvo. 

This Sons of Anarchy parody is brilliant and happens to merge two of BPs favourite things (which two things, though?). 

This series is written by a 5 year old. We love 5 year olds. This is why. 

This article explores the importance of slowing down with our children. It’s really hard to do sometimes, but so important. Today at the market we let Little Fearse lead the way for the first time. It took heaps longer but we saw things we’d never noticed before, and so did she. 

It is not terribly difficult to find gift wrap in op shops, or to re-use wrap from gifts given to us, but we love these unique and inexpensive solutions to wrapping presents. 

Mama cleared out over 50 books this weekend. BOOKS! Seriously! It was liberating and not at all painful. This excerpt from the Slow Home Bootcamp is what made it possible. If Mama can do it, anyone can.

When Little Fearse and Mama watched this version of Swan Lake both of their jaws hit the floor. Also, Little Fearse started dancing with her arms all ballet over her head, which was the cutest thing ever.  

We hope you had a fun weekend.

The Fearses

Oops, forgot the most important link

Links we’ve loved #9

We have had a gorgeous and busy weekend. Hopefully these links will lead you nicely into a bright new week.

If you are not inspired to get started by at least one of these terrific decluttering resources then you should probably sign up for your own episode of Hoarders now, because you’re incurable.

Seize your mornings! We don’t necessarily agree with all of this advice, but the idea of developing a great relationship with mornings appeals to us.

How to be a cheap bastard. What would you do with the savings? We’d like to travel…or (says the sensible voice on the shoulder) pay off more of our mortgage.

We have started to notice a huge improvement in our happiness. We’re normally pretty happy people but lately we’ve felt radiantly happy. This advice is really great advice for those of you who would like to be happier. Happiness is really worth striving for. It makes everything easier and better.

Some great tips for living simply with kids.

Hip hop humour. This reminds Mama of the time we ‘accidentally’ went to a medieval festival in New York and one of the referees of the quiddich match was wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “I’ve got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one”. Clever and dorky. (Clorky?)

Surprising things that the writers of Back to the Future correctly predicted. Was Back to the Future written by secret scientists? Or is technological development just really boringly predictable?

A great article about Big Poppa’s favourite artist at the moment.

This is an issue that really upsets us as parents of a daughter and makes us both glad that we’re able to pass on to Little Fearse many toys from our own childhood that don’t suffer from skankification.

Kids are funny, these parents know.

And finally, Little Fearse’s video of the week.

Have a great Monday.

Mama, Big Poppa and Lil Fearse xoxox

Links we’ve loved #8

If you are, or ever were a Seinfeld fan (we all know they jumped the shark eventually, but some people managed to push through and maintain their love) you will probably think this is amazing.

On a related note, we have really been enjoying Jerry’s latest project, even though Mama gets rage from the bad stock coffee making shots.

This article explores the reason why Aboriginal Hip Hop isn’t given more attention in Australia – something that needs to change.

A list of minimalist don’t haves (not ours). Meanwhile, we kind of love the simplicity of this page. Our layout bothers us, but is the only one we can find that has a print large enough for Dad to read, and that, to us, is more important than how it looks.

Although neither of us are into the idea of dropping your butts, this is a pretty innovative idea.

If you’re renting the conundrum of hiding ugly fittings won’t be new to you. We like these solutions!

This entry really resonated with us. That feeling that no matter what you’re doing that feels right there are a million other things that you know you should be doing better. Also helps to reiterate the need to stop comparing. What we are doing is what we are doing. It’s not what we are recommending you do and you know, the other way ’round.

If you have a quiet moment you may enjoy these inspiring TED talks. Mama has just watched the first one so far and was blown away. Looking forward to hunting own some half hour patches to watch the rest (maybe when cooking, aye?).

This kind of freaks Mama and BP out but Little Fearse likes to sing along…in a kind of babbly way.

Have a great weekend,

Mama, BP and Lil’ Fearse xoxox

Links we’ve loved #7

Recently Mama started looking into buying a soft carrier for Little Fearse to reduce the need to take the cumbersome pram with us everywhere. Little Fearse has been enjoying the pram less lately, so we thought chucking her on our backs might be preferable all around. Buying one second hand seems easy enough, until Mama came across this link.  Worth reading if you ever intend to buy something like this online or second hand.

In a decluttering rut? This list will help you get going again.

A friend asked on FB this week for help with getting the kids involved in decluttering and (amongst others) Mama found this great link. I wonder how we’ll go with Little Fearse in the future. She already goes bananas about other kids’ bright, shiny, new toys – but maybe all 14 month old babies go crazy about their friend’s toys.

What is intelligence? Where does it come from? Can you teach it?

More Big Poppa shoe fanaticism.


Mini sneakerhead. She was caught rocking and patting this shoe like a baby this morning.

We eat pretty well in our household, but lately, as the weather has cooled down, both BP and Mama have been craving junk. All. The. Time. It gets you thinking about what it is that appeals to us about that food? Why does it seem to fill a gap that healthy food doesn’t? This article also tackles the issue.

A commentary about white privilege in hip hop.

Little Fearse is working on a silly walk. It somewhat resembles the ‘lean back’. She’s had us in stitches.

Happy weekend. Those of you living with cats, stay safe.

BP, Mama and Lil’ Fearse xoxoxo

Links we’ve loved #6

You might be beginning to notice that while Mama reads blogs, BP watches videos. Here’s the wrap up of BP video entertainment for the week:

Well, that’s not entirely true. Mama loves Upworthy videos. This one blew her away. She’s like to meet that kid’s parents.

What do you think the secret is to great parenting? Zen habits has one idea. Maybe this is not entirely it, but it sure is an important factor.

The Modern Mourner is a really interesting site dedicated to remembering and farewelling those who have passed. A lot of the ideas are related to repurposing things that belong to your loved one. Some beautiful ideas here.

What do you think about this wedding debacle? We didn’t ask for wedding gifts when we got married. We were well aware that we had asked people to get dressed up, maybe some people bought a new outfit or new shoes or got their hair done. Then they went to a lot of effort to come out at night, perhaps paid for parking or a cab there and back. Why do they owe us a gift, too? We challenged those that really did want to give us something to hunt for something second hand. Some people gave us gifts that were hand made or second hand, some people gave us things that were new, some people chose to give us money and others gave us nothing at all. We were grateful to have each and every person there. The protocol regarding wedding gifts seems to be ever shifting. What do you think is right in this situation? We think these brides should have been given this book:


BP has been through his wardrobe and is stuck on sentimental t-shirts. Mama is thinking about doing something like this with them. Have you made a t-shirt quilt before? Any tips?

Little Fearse is mad about her Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland board book at the moment. Mama has started reading her an abridged illustrated version of the original story, which she is also enjoying. BP and Mama know the board book off by heart they’ve read it so many times in the last week.


She has also enjoyed the super moon in the past week and has learned to say ‘moon’ which is an exciting development in the Fearse household.

We hope you had a great weekend. We did!

Big Poppa, Little Fearse and Mama xoxoxox

Links we’ve loved #4

Fascinating article exploring the origin of the diamond ring as an engagement gift. Mama does have an engagement ring, though not a diamond. It is a vintage 1930s ring and did not cost three months of anyone’s salary.

We are big Rosanne fans in the Fearse cave and have been enjoying viewing old series back to back this year. We love Jackie, but she’s not cool. This made us laugh.

We love looking inside other people’s homes. This takes voyeurism to a whole new level. The last fridge probably looks the most like ours, though we like to think we have more fresh food in there.

Fan or not, this Kanye interview is one of the best interviews either of us have read in awhile.

Dad humour.

Tina does it again.

Furnishing your apartment for free. We certainly furnished our house on the cheap, but these are some great tips for doing it even cheaper.

Travelling with kids just sounds horrendous from this stand point, but not everyone has a terrible time of it. Some people even like it. Here are some ideas for making it simpler. 

Little Fearse is teaching herself  this dance. We are not sure how we feel about it.

Stay warm this weekend,

Big Poppa, Little Fearse, Mama xoxoxox

Links we’ve loved #3

The Mommy and Me Bookclub is loaded with great ideas for activities you can do with your toddler when reading. We love this because we like to take an integrated approach to book reading with Little Fearse, like taking Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider” to the farm with us this weekend. Of course ours is a Mama, Daddy & Me bookclub.

We found a great recipe for cheese and vegemite scrolls using puff pastry. Mama has an issue with kneading (very low success rate), so loved the idea of not having to knead the pastry. Little Fearse is currently quite enamoured by the ones we buy at the bakery. Unfortunately the site is down, so here’s one that requires kneading. Someone else might like to trial it. Mum?… 😛

Why is Finland just so much more evolved than the rest of the world?

Big Poppa humour. Can music start a party anywhere?

Feel like helping start a library in Nepal? Of course you do! This is especially terrific if you have a lot of excess children’s books and you like in the US where it is more economical and ecological to send your books in for this great initiative.

George Carlin makes us laugh.

Little Fearse’s birthday book When Louis Armstrong taught me scat arrived finally.


We have all been loving it – fun to read and to listen to. We’ve paired it with family dancing to Louis Armstrong videos and long car trips listening to Ella and Louis CDs. Little Fearse even has a new jazz dance move that involves a shoulder roll. Lots of musical fun in the Fearse cave.

Have a fun weekend. Happy non-birthday to the Queen.

Big Poppa, Mama and Lil’ Fearse xoxox

Links we’ve loved #2

100 days of real food has put up an inspiring blog showing some of the best school lunches I have ever seen. And this is coming from someone who sees 56 of them every working day. If we had seen this post before we wrote our 30 days of lunches post we may have reconsidered. Be sure to check out the links for School Lunch Roundups 1, 2 and 3 also, just to make sure you feel like the shittest parent on Earth. 😛 It did, however, make us feel better to realise that we’re not the only weirdos who send our child off with frozen peas in her lunch.

You’ve probably seen this – it’s been doing the FB rounds. It made BP tear up. (Easier than it sounds.)

Mind. Blown.

This week Little Fearse enjoyed a Possum Magic puppet show. Before we went (since Mama sadly left her copy of the book at school) we watched this cute reading of the book on youtube. Little Fearse particularly enjoyed the music. She played along on her own little wooden recorder.

Laugh. (Ear worm warning.)

Someone linked this Live Wikipedia Editing Map on FB and Mama can’t stop watching it.

Have fun this weekend.

BP, Mama and Little Fearse xoxo