Garden magic.

The Fairy Garden

Despite my best efforts I have let winter get the better of me again this year. I have really felt the oppression of the grey skies and the claustrophobia of day after day hiding from the rain. Even when outside I’m wrapped in so many layers that I don’t feel fully free. The first signs of spring have appeared here and there and I can already feel myself breathing a little easier. September 1st is the unofficial first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere and it is my absolute favourite day of the year. Spring brings hope and restoration and rejuvenation.

Little Fearse has been asking me lately if she can plant something. They have been talking about gardens a lot on Play School and I think she has got the green thumb bug from there. I’m still stalling over that veggie patch and am not a confident gardener, but I felt as though maybe I could manage a small succulent garden. Of course, I did already have a small succulent garden in the bathroom which I managed to kill, so time will only tell whether I do any better with this one.20140820_125042

I took her to the nursery to choose some pretty succulents and then we took some cuttings from a couple of plants at home. At the op shop she chose a little shell, a miniature bird bath, a tiny little gentleman bear and an old Christmas angel to decorate her little fairy garden. She was super excited and kept saying things like “This is fun! This is a good day!

The three of us made it together. Little Fearse got a kick out of throwing dirt around with the trowel and BP got a kick out of teaching her how to squeeze the pot to get the plants out and I got a kick out of being outside.


When her garden was finished I made the most of the sunshine and set up a couch my Mum picked up from hard rubbish and restored for us. We always intended to paint the cane coffee table (something Mum’s cousin picked up from hard rubbish for us) the same colour, but I’m tired of waiting for it to happen. There are enough different greens in our yard for it to not really matter anyway. I added a few more potted plants and created a little oasis, ready for some yard fun during the spring and summer.


I’m feeling really excited about the change in seasons. How much are you influenced by the weather? Do you enjoy all seasons, or have a preference for one?

Mama xo

12 thoughts on “Garden magic.

  1. I love spring and Autum . I think in Aus we are very influenced by the time of year. I know in winter I want to snugly with a hot water bottle and read a great book , then summer watching for fires and keep out of the heat. But between seasons I smile go outside , garden and enjoy the sunshine. Funny cause I like a cold sunny day!! Even rain doesn’t faze me but wind.. Hate it!!!
    Happy gardening !!

    • I am just thankful it doesn’t snow here (or where we live). I’m not sure my delicate sensibilities could deal with it! It’s true that fires are a concern in the summer. Thankfully not all summer, though there are always a few worrying days.

  2. I too love the spring, more so than the summer as our summers can be unpredictable 😦 But recently I’ve started to enjoy Autumn, the smell of wood smoke, the nights drawing in and getting prepared for Winter.

    • Ooh it sounds like you are much more adaptable than me! I love summer for outdoor adventures and I quite l ike autumn for the dramatic colours. But spring is just so full of energy and hope to me.

    • Thank you so much. I have really been working hard on taking better pics since the photography course. I’m not sure these are my best but they are definitely an improvement. Your praise means a lot to me!

  3. The weather affects me a great deal. I try not to let winter get me down, but I just never feel as good in winter as I do the rest of the year. (And winter is mild where I live! )I loved the pictures in your post.

    • Winter is quite mild here, too and I always feel a bit silly for letting it get me down but I recognise my drop in mood at the same time every year (usually mid-late July) and a marked improvement in late August. It’s nice to know it is going to end but in the thick of it I feel quite awful. In my next life I may end up a bear so I can hibernate in winter. Thank you for your lovely comment re: my pics. 🙂

  4. We’re at that cross-over point again, aren’t we?! Here in England the summer is fading, days are noticably cooling and the evenings shorter – sigh! Hoping to hang on to a bit of sunshine whilst camping next week, before the summer holiday comes to an end. Then I will be ready to welcome the change of season, the start of term for the children and all things autumn…and it’s your turn for the sun 🙂

  5. Ooh thank you for loaning us the sun for awhile. It sounds like you’ve really enjoyed it Karolyn. We had a sunny day today and are looking forward to a sunny Saturday so it looks like the weather is preparing for spring already. I hope you have a wonderful, temperate camping trip!

  6. Good luck with the garden! I have had fewer succulents die, than other plants. They are a bit lower maintenance, it seems.

    My mood used to be VERY influenced by the seasons before we moved to Houston. The constant *bright* sunshine here has been good for the soul.

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