Communing with Nature.

snail pic

For the past two weeks I have taken part in a Joyfully Green online photography course. It has been such a lovely step outside my day-to-day life. I can even say that I love some of the photographs I’ve taken. The wonderful thing about the course was that I could do it using any camera at all. My own camera broke (and then broke some more when I attempted to fix it) a few weeks before the class started, so I was left with only my phone camera to use. I found that this was pretty good for taking nature photographs (though, of course, there are things I’d like to do but can’t really) and I even learned about some cool features on the camera just by playing around with it on a daily basis.

miniature flower

I love that now when I’m out and about in the wintery weater I’m looking for something unusual or beautiful to photograph, rather than bemoaning the grey skies and constant drizzle.I’m so grateful to Joy for giving me the confidence to explore photography in this way.



I look forward to sharing more of my artistic endeavours with you in the future.

Mama xo

hidden gnome

5 thoughts on “Communing with Nature.

  1. Those are gorgeous! I wanted to take Joy’s class, but the timing was wrong, with our move and all. If she offers it again, I definitely will join.

    Don’t you love taking nature pictures? I love to go for walks in the morning and see what beauty I can find.

  2. Mama Fearse! This post of yours was the sweetest surprise for me today! Thank you so much for the kind write-up of my photography course. You were a pleasure to have as a student, and I hope you’ll continue to share your lovely photos in our Facebook classroom. I am excited to watch your artistic journey unfold!

    • Thanks, Joy. It was just such a lovely break from my usual life. I enjoyed looking around me today at the snow for that unusual shot. Expect a few in the up coming days in the FB classroom. XO

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