Links we’ve loved #13

There is something really heart warming about these colourised photos. They made us both smile.

Speaking of photos, we love this idea. It takes such commitment.

Keitha combines reads books with her child and then THEMES HIS LUNCH TO THE BOOK. Seriously the best thing ever.

BP has been a little thrown by the revelation that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman. But then again, Heath Ledger wasn’t a popular choice for Joker either.

This family is sharing a new experience every week for a year. Awesome.

Down to Earth Mother has the luckiest kids ever! This eco cubby is sourced entirely from recycled materials. Inspiring.

So, I suggested this to my brother, who is currently engaged. He wasn’t up for it. If BP and I had our wedding over again we’d totally have his Nan as a flower girl. She’d rock it.

BP’s long awaited album comes out next Sunday. We’ll be Fearsebrating.

Little Fearse broke out new moves when listening to Bob Marley this week.

Also, if Australian politics confuses you and you want to bone up before our Federal Election in two weeks time, this should clear things up a little (funny and true).

Have a great week,

The Fearses xoxo

A Fearse Family masterpiece

Kathleen Rea’s post on getting messy with the paints inspired our first ever Fearse Family painting session today. Little Fearse is only 15 months old, so we knew there was a good chance we’d be doing most of the painting and she’d do a fair bit of paint eating.


We were right, but it was more fun and easier than BP and I had thought it would be. Here is our first Fearse Family masterpiece. We hope to have many more in years to come (with much more input from Little Fearse herself!).