Big Poppa Fearse

Buy nothing new for year. I mean NOTHING new? Nothing? It’s a pretty daunting challenge but I feel like what it will offer to me and my family is a more analytical look at how and why we consume and more importantly, what do we exactly reaaaaallly need?

I don’t really need new sneakers or circa 1995 NBA jerseys, I don’t need to buy video games that I can just as easily borrow from my equally addicted friends, a lot of media can now be accessed digitally  for free on YouTube, Iview or ahem….other “legal” means.

My biggest fear is messing up and accidentally purchasing something new and then the guilt and or shame that will surely come with it, well that and the epic beatdown/ear bashing I will cop from Mama Fearse. I don’t want to mess this up cause lord knows if I do, what crazy “plan” Mama Fearse will have us play out the following year..


Big Poppa Fearse