More about food.

One of my dear friends, who I consider to be very ‘food aware’, linked this article on FB today: Food citizens make secure choices. This quote from the article really startled me:

The grass roots movement is starting to have an economic impact, with a recent report from the Australian Egg Corporation estimating that backyard chickens now account for nearly 12 per cent of the country’s total annual egg production.

I think the ideas discussed extend beautifully our beginning musings in To market, to market…I have joked with BP that next year, when BNN is over, I want to try the 100 Mile Diet. I’m kind of not joking.

(I’m definitely not joking.)

Converted, 100 miles is about 160 kilometres. When I look at the map of Victoria, based particularly on the area we live in, which abuts some farming communities, I reckon we’re laughing. I mean, it will definitely mean no bananas or mangos. It’ll possibly mean no wheat or associated products, but there is a lot of scope out here.

I overhead a conversation at the health food store recently about eating in seasons. The employee of the store was speaking about how it is affecting peoples health to eat food that is out of season. We like to have all food available to us all the time these days. To think that we can’t go out and buy a banana in winter or broccoli in spring is almost absurd. Mother Nature is quite clever, though, and the foods that are available fresh throughout the seasons are usually matched to the weather and our dietary needs. They are what we should be eating. When did we stop trusting that? Or stop caring?

The article above links some great resources that I’m looking forward to exploring. These include:

  • Local Harvest, a tool for finding local produce near you
  • CERES Fair Food, which provides fresh food boxes that are sourced from farmers who are paid appropriately for their produce
  • Food Connect, which so far services just Brisbane and Sydney, but provides information about local food near those cities.

I’m sure there are many more resources available and more cropping up all the time. I first heard about the Local Food Map website mid last year and it has already grown hugely. I guess the more we care about local food and the more information we seek about local food the more these tools will become useful.

Anyway, I’m off to work out where we can fit a few chooks in our backyard…

Eat well,

Mama xo