Do nothing.

On Tuesday I stayed in my pyjamas all day. I read my book until late. I did some sewing. I cooked raviolli from scratch. I dug into the deepest depths of our home and continued my decluttering journey.

Sometimes when it’s school holidays I catch up with all my other teaching friends and take Little Fearse on outings and run errands until suddenly I look around and the calendar is full, the holidays are waning and I’m exhausted. For the past year we have battled this by spending a week of my school hoildays at Phillip Island, but this wasn’t something we managed to organise these holidays. I almost fell into my old trap – by the end of the first official day of holidays (Monday) I’d already been off school for 6 days and I had already done so many things and I was already exhausted.

I’m not good at saying ‘no’ and I’m especially not good at remembering to schedule nothing for my own well being. I think it is a weakness in my character that I worry more about letting others down than I do about letting myself down. It doesn’t make a person selfless, it makes them a bit of a push over.

I loved my Tuesday. I felt really good at the end of my Tuesday. I felt like I could start organising new things to do on my holidays after my Tuesday. I recommend you schedule a Tuesday for yourself.

Mama xo


5 thoughts on “Do nothing.

  1. Absolutely! You will discover, if you allow yourself to enjoy these moments a tad more often, that it gets easier and easier! Plus, as you get older, you will find it easier to say “no” when you don’t really want to do something (and you’ll feel less and less guilty as you learn to respect your boundaries!)

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