Buy Nothing Projects

If you have a Facebook and you are not a member of your local Buy Nothing group then you are m.i.s.s.i.n.g o.u.t! I recently learned about the Buy Nothing projects through an entry on My Make Do and Mend Year. The Buy Nothing Facebook groups are a little like local buy/swap/sell groups, except everything on the group is given away. All posts on the group are required to be Giving, Asking or Gratitude posts and members are required to be part of a local community. Creators of the Buy Nothing Project planned this as an experiement in creating hyper-local gift giving economies, growing community and bringing about connectedness. Sound good? It did to me.

On the Buy Nothing Project page you can search for and apply to join your own Facebook group. If there is not one in your area please consider creating one. If you think it’s a great idea then there are others who will, too. We just started the second only Australian group and although it is early days I have grand hopes that one day someone other than me will actually post on the page. 😉 I’d love love LOVE to see more groups sprouting around Australia. This really is a wonderful initiative.

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See you there, I hope.

Mama xo


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