Today I bought something new.

I had been eyeing off this beautiful colourful teething jewellery for a few weeks at the market. It is designed to look great on but also provide your child with relief when teething. Little Fearse loves chewing on my necklaces, teething or not. The business is run by a local Mum. She sells her product through Facebook and the market. It ticks a lot of ethical buying boxes, except the fact that a) it’s not a necessity and b) it’s new. Little Fearse isn’t even teething at the moment. (I’m still a little traumatised from her last bout of teething, to be honest, which left us all sleepless – and helpless – for over a week.) I bought a teething bracelet without even really thinking about it. It was a strange anomaly in my personality – some kind of minor blip in the system. I have spent the rest of the day feeling guilty.

This is also on top of (full disclosure) the breaking of my no “new” clothes rule – I purchased a pair of jeans at the op shop on Saturday (half price purple tag got them down to $3.65) and a shirt at the market today ($1). I have kind of evened that out by donating a pair of jeans and shirt from my wardrobe. I still feel a little alarmed at how easily I slipped back into old habits.

Purchasing something new didn’t feel good and it didn’t give me any buzz. Finding the vintage shirt at the market for $1 gave me a buzz…but it still didn’t feel good afterwards. I’m a little disappointed in myself, to be honest.

These are minor purchases that really don’t mean much in the scheme of things – except that I feel I’ve let down our project a little.

On the upside (because it’s always good to end on an upside) we discovered the joys of frozen watermelon today thanks to a comment on our last post from Verity. If you love our blog, I reckon you will enjoy Verity’s blog The Happy Rebel. She is also working on reducing her consumption, but in a much more challenging environment. Read! She’s very inspiring.

I hope those of you in Victoria are surviving the heat okay.

Mama xo


4 thoughts on “Today I bought something new.

  1. Hey Eliza, you still have to live and turn up daily to work. I have not felt guilty one bit that I have to keep myself presentable for work. I no longer get a “high” from shopping I go with a purpose. That’s what counts. You have learnt to not part with your hard earnt money on a whim.. That’s the lesson. Bet your jeans look great because you would have given it a lot of thought.

  2. Hi Guys.Thanks for the shout out! So glad that you are enjoying the joys of frozen watermelon. If Little Fearse is anything like our monkey, the mess and enjoyment will both be epic! You have been through an amazing and inspirational journey over the past 12 months and the obvious thought that is going into purchasing decisions shows how far you have come as responsible consumers. I’ve had a post about this sort of stuff sitting in my drafts for a few weeks, may just be time to post it!

    • Ooh, please post! (It will help with my guilt hehe.) BP says Little Fearse looks like a polar bear who’s been eating seals when she eats watermelon. The mess with the frozen stuff was double the usual mess. It was very funny to observe (and less funny to clean up, especially with our current ant infestation!). Thanks for the tip.

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