Old goals, new goals (same goals?)

Thanks to the Thrifty Pops for reminding me of my decluttering goals from April. Honestly? Although I had those types of ideas in mind all throughout the year, I had completely forgotten I’d made those particular goals with that particular time frame.

Looking back, they’re not the best or most measurable goals. I spent many years teaching students how to create SMART goals. Obviously none of it rubbed off on me.

Have I been able to achieve any of those goals? Well, we had our Buy Nothing New End of Year (one) celebration BBQ on the weekend. It took us two days to clean the house. I was pretty thorough about putting things away rather than just hiding big piles of mess. Since report writing time in December, followed by a frenzy of book making for Little Fearse’s Christmas present and glass magnet making for friends and family the dining room table has been buried under an ever increasing pile of stuff. That was the most difficult area to clean and I swear I don’t want it to ever get like that again. So, no, by January 1st the house was not tidier or easier to clean.

Generally speaking I think it is easier to find things when we want them. I have systems of organisation for things like bills and paper work and places where other things go. We don’t spend a lot of time hunting for things, other than my keys which Little Fearse likes to hide. I think I’d call this goal successfully achieved.

Right now, right after the big clean up the house feels calm and restful. Even BP said that coming into the “dining” room after I cleaned it made him feel instantly at peace. The biggest achievements I have managed in this area is putting away my clothes after taking them off every single day. This is something I have been trying to achieve since childhood. I always started off well, but would end up lazily throwing them in a heap after about a week. Since my clothes stock take in May I have done this every day. It takes so little time and makes my life so much easier. I know where all my clothes are, I know what needs washing and what doesn’t, my clothes are less wrinkly and dusty, but most of all, the bedroom is much more restful. I wake up each morning not to a pile of clothes (at least not on my side of the bed), but to a calm and clutter free bedroom floor. So, if I had made this goal a little narrower and more manageable, such as having a calmer bedroom then I might have had a better chance of achieving that, too.

In terms of parting with sentimental stuff, I wish I’d been clearer at the time about what I meant. I have recently recycled ALL of my old school assignments and work. In addition I have finally been able to part with all of my university assignments (which almost without fail had very average to crappy marks, were submitted late and “showed promise” but failed to deliver…not great for my self esteem to read back over). This paper work filled one and a half 60 litre tubs, so that’s a real achievement. I have also been able to part with some more letters from old penpals etc and have even done a realistic cull of old photographs of friends or boyfriends past. None of these were particularly painful. The biggest hurdles are my old diaries which are painfully embarrassing to read and would be best off destroyed – but, you know, something stops me. I’d say I’ve made some headway with this goal.

I think it’s timely for me to create some new goals, this time, much SMARTer ones.

1. I would like to reduce the stuff in our house by 1000 more items by Jan 1st 2015.

2. I would like to further reduce the number of tubs in the storeroom by at least one 60 litre tub by Jan 1st 2015.

3. I would like to maintain a clear dining room surface, permanently. (With the exception of times of high volumes of at home work, such as report writing time, when it doubles as my desk and some clutter is necessary.)

4. I would like to sell (or, failing that, donate) all of the items that I currently have set aside for eBay by June 30th this year.

5. I would like to read 5 books on my to-read shelves by 1st Jan 2015.

Let’s see how I go…

Mama xo


8 thoughts on “Old goals, new goals (same goals?)

  1. Great job on your progress toward your goals. They sound quite similar to mine! I found it easier to get rid of uni / high school (and even some primary school) assignments by shredding them and using as weed matting for our new veggie garden. It helped to know that all the paper would serve a useful purpose and my 15 month old had an absolutely glorious time acting as a shredder!

    • Ooh, what a great way to re-use your assignments! I wish I’d thought of that. By the way, Verity, I have just started reading your blog and I LOVE it. I am going to spend some of my remaining holidays reading all your prior entries – we seem to have quite a lot of similarities in our priorities although we lead very different lives.

  2. Good luck on your SMARTer goals! I just want you to know even though you feel you haven’t achieved all your goals before, you’ve inspired and influenced a lot of people (including me!) to declutter their life 🙂 I’m just starting out and I find your blog really helpful!

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