A break from Buying Nothing New

Since January 1st The Fearse Family has been on a break from Buying Nothing New. It was very liberating to not be bound by the rules of our BNN year. We knew we’d need a breather if we intended to go on with Buying Nothing New in 2014. There were things we’d been holding off purchasing and it was very important to give ourselves the opportunity to purchase these things before we begin again.

In the past 9 days we have purchased the following new things:

  • gloss paint to finish our wardrobe doors.
  • a gigantic pile of nothing.

What do we need? Well, I’m out of tinted moisturiser, and when I can find a brand I am happy with ethically I will purchase this. I’m not a big make up wearer, but there are times this year I have missed it (it ran out half way through the year). We have no other plans to buy anything new.

So – what are our parameters for 2014? We will continue with the same exceptions and rules, though we will also add anything needed for repairs. We usually came up against problems when needing to fix things around the house and repair broken things with different types of glues. This exception will help us to maintain what we have and seems logical to our main aim – to look after and use up what we have.

For the time being I will continue with the book embargo and I will not buy any clothing at all. I received a handmade skirt from a friend for Christmas and a voucher for a dress hand made using vintage material from my brother and his fiance. These are two incredibly beautiful items of clothing and so much more special for my not buying any new clothes throughout most of 2013. These two decisions (books and clothes) will be reviewed throughout the year.

In the event that we are unable to find something that satisfies our needs second hand we will buy from either local businesses or small businesses. This will allow us to support those that we believe are offering a good and ethical service.

We are also on a quest to reduce our trash, so this will involve some new purchases, such as reusable sanitary products. This is something we will blog about in more detail later this month.

We’re excited! Who is going to join us? Please leave a link below if you discover any other blogs for those that are buying nothing new in 2014. We’d love to offer our support. We are looking forward to following the journey of Inked in Colour, who has recently made the pledge.

Much 2014 love,

Mama Fearse


10 thoughts on “A break from Buying Nothing New

  1. For the tinted makeup from an ethic company: check out lush. The owner is a minimalist (and thus all packaging is either recyclable or reusable) and his products are made from mostly food. On top of all if that, their stuff works. Best face wash ever (“coal face”) which if you buy from a store does not have packaging and it lasts forever. Best shampoo (“squeaky green”) a solid bar that lasts for about 5 months for 2 people, my hair has never been cleaner. I could go on and on. Best of all, they’re relatively cheap. Just FYI, I don’t work for them nor do they know I exist, I truly just love them.

    • Sommer – you are the third person to recommend Lush to me – they must make quite an impression with their products. I have two friends who are very firm converts. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely be visiting the Lush store that has opened near by.

  2. I was so glad to read this post as I’d been wondering for some time what would happen at the end of BNN. We haven’t done a BNN challenge for a set period of time, but have instead tried to adopt the mindset indefinitely to help us break free of the mental paradigm of ‘oh, I must buy stuff’ and truly become a conscious and ethical consumer. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey and look forward to whatever comes next! By the way, Lush is also on my hit list – I’ve also had them repeatedly recommended!

    • I think that, ultimately, this will be permanent for us, but it is also easier for others to define it if we say we’re Buying Nothing New this year. Some times people are perplexed by it, so it’s an easy way to explain it – and in time they’ll get used to it as our way of life. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I’m a bit late in catching up on the January posts. Loved following along with you on your journey in 2013. I follow a few blogs that are UK or American and am especially drawn to yours as you are an Aussie family. Can’t get Hubby to commit to BNN for a year, although we do think we can commit to one month which will be April and see how we go from there. Inspiration from one Australian family to another.


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