The end is nigh.

You couldn’t even call this the home stretch – we’re sliding into the home plate. We have TWO BNN days left. Just two!

Deep breaths. Gulps.

Many people have asked us about our plans for next year. BP and I have had dozens of conversations about this very topic. We have some firm ideas about what we want to do, but some of the details are hazy. We’re not ready to officially announce anything yet, but what is certain is that I will be continuing the blog into the new year.

We are looking at continuing to Buy Nothing New in 2014 with some tweaks. We may need a breather for a few weeks, though with our previously negotiated gift card clause we may just be able to get the things we are currently seeking with the gift cards we received for Christmas.

I am very nervous about the year ending. I don’t for one minute believe that we will go on a crazy spending spree, but I am concerned that some consumeristic tendencies will creep back in if we allow ourselves to buy new things. It is hard to know how much of our will power has been spurred on by the fact that you (our readers) hold us accountable, that our rules prevent us from buying new things. Without these rules, what will become of us?

I’ve read Lord of the Flies. I’ve even seen both films.

lord of the flies

All I’m saying is, I don’t want to have to crush BP to death with a giant rock…over an unnecessary purchase. Or, you know, for any reason.

Mama xo


4 thoughts on “The end is nigh.

  1. I have discovered that telling others you are “buying nothing new’ for what ever period creates either a wall or a competition. So it comes down to personal decisions. As we are traveling our Journey of buying nothing new, I have found I consider purchases carefully. Not like a game of who wins , but do I really need it? can I buy it and know that its not harming the environment or is it ethically sound? Can I buy Australian? Is it the right price or am I being drawn in by marketing? I find myself researching purchases more. I think you can be puritan about BNN and it becomes like a weird cult or you can just be practical and know that you have learnt that its important to not be sucked in by having to have…A simple life is what I think its about. I am not scared when my BNN time is up because I don’t want to buy things that hurt the environment or because they are trendy. I always think when I see people wearing designer named things, ” is “DG” paying you for free advertising? Did Reebok give you a little fee? Mama you have learnt so much in your journey, I am sure if everyone did a year of BNN the world would be a better, cleaner place.

  2. We started spending less after my husband was laid off years ago. We found that very few consumerist things snuck back in once he was re-employed. We still buy very little – it just became a habit after a year. Maybe you’ll find the same.

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