Making connections.

There is a lovely short video making the social media rounds at the moment. It is an excerpt of a speech by Dr. Brené Brown, matched with a gorgeous animation by Katy Davis. If you haven’t seen it, here it is…

(This should be showing up as a video, but it appears to not want to do that right now. I’ll look into how I can fix this, when I have more time.)

During hard times it is the people who can make a connection me that I am drawn to. Sometimes nothing that can be said is going to help. We spend a lot of time focusing on what we can say to those in pain, instead of focusing on how they might feel and how we can support them. The friends that have been able to put their arms around me, make me meals, send me a box of organic groceries, let me cry on their shoulders – they are the ones that have made a difference in my life this year. I want to be connected – to my friends and my family and my community. I don’t think that we should only be generous and caring and think of other’s at Christmas time. I don’t believe in the significance of the changing of one year to another (I don’t believe we can wash our hands of the pain of one year by changing the last digit in the date), so it is probably just coincidence that I am making this decision at this time of year.    I am no longer going to focus so much on what I should say that I don’t say anything at all. Relationships are more important than that. I hope that in the future I can support those that have supported me (and those that haven’t) in ways that mean something.  I’d love to hear your tales of connection with others – especially when it has surprised you. Mama xo


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