First day of summer holidays.

First day of summer holidays.

The best, best, best thing about the first day of my summer holidays is that suddenly nothing is a rush. Breakfast with Little Fearse went into triple courses today and there were no limitations on food due to messiness. We pride ourselves on having breaky together on work / family day care days, but this often consists of things that are easy to clean up. Eating breaky together stretches us a little for time on those days, but it’s important to us. Often Little Fearse will have a smoothie or toast, something that she probably won’t rake all through her hair or pour all down her front.
Today, though. Today! I gave her blackberries and mango for her first course. As you can see, she spread it everywhere. She was covered from her knees to her forehead with blackberry smudges. She ate toast next and managed to get big blobs of her Papa’s blood plum jam in her hair. This was followed with messiest of messies, cereal.
I love days like to day, when we can make a mess and there is no stress about cleaning up. I wish every day could start so easily.


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