What will we NOT buy second hand?`

This year we have been willing to buy just about every thing second hand, or not at all. When we decided to buy Little Fearse her very own bed, we met a bit of a stumbling block. We were more than happy to purchase a second hand bed frame, and did so through eBay. This set us back a whopping $6.11.

Wow, I thought at the time, this is simple. And then it dawned on me. Little Fearse having her own bed means not just a frame, but also a mattress, a pillow, a doona (blanket), quilt cover, pillow cases, mattress protector and sheets. Eep.

I spent many hours researching the best way to do this. I hunted second hand shops for quilt covers, pillow cases and sheets that looked clean and not too worn. I felt a bit guilty about the whole process, like I was letting Little Fearse down by not buying her new bedding. Family members expressed their distaste for the idea of even the second hand frame.

BP and I debated with each other back and forth over whether we could stomach buying Little Fearse a second hand mattress. Those of you that are members of our Facebook community gave a resounding ‘no’ to the question “Would you buy a second hand mattress?” I spent hours exploring Gumtree and eBay, trying to find a single bed mattress that was hardly used. I was nervous about the idea of having a second hand children’s mattress, given that children are probably more likely than adults to pee the bed. I was unsure about the homes the mattresses were coming from. Were they smoke free? Were they bug free? How would I know?

Finally we decided that we really couldn’t handle the thought of our little girl on a mattress from a strangers home. You’d think that would solve the issue, but it didn’t. Buying new mattresses is just as fraught, as the flame retardant most new mattresses are sprayed with is highly toxic. We can’t afford the $1000+ for an organic or latex mattress. What to do? The only plan we could come up with was to buy a mattress and leave it outside to off-gas for a period of time. Is this what we did? No. We have, so far, done nothing. We are completely stumped by this dilemma and no solution we have come up with sounds right. We’re longing to get Little Fearse’s bed up and running, she is excited about it. Every time she walks passed the frame she taps it and says “Mine, bed”.

As for the rest of the bits and pieces, I reluctantly accepted help from my Mum to buy a new pillow, sheets, mattress protector and doona covers as a Christmas gift for Little Fearse. She will use BP’s old single doona, so we don’t need a new blanket. Come Christmas Day we will have everything we need to pop Little Fearse in her own bed.

Except a mattress. What would you do?

Mama xo


10 thoughts on “What will we NOT buy second hand?`

  1. I agree with the mattress being second hand. My cousin and I once bought a really funky second hand couch off gumtree, when we took it home all our cats fur started falling out. we thought it couldn’t be the couch, it was so retro and comfy after all 🙂 Turned out it was riddled with fleas and our cat was having a severe reaction to it. I still feel dodgy when I see people buying soft furnishings off others on eBay/gumtree

    • That’s a great idea, Karolyn. Thanks. I’ll definitely look into it! It might not make me feel better regarding toxins, but it will make me feel better on a consumer level if we do decide to buy new.

  2. After removing several lots of carpets and knowing how much skin and dirt is trapped underneath I would recommend only going with a new mattress.

    I like the suggestion of buying local but if you can’t find anything appropriate, have a look at Ikea, they have some inexpensive matresses. As long as you are near one that is.

    • We are close-ish to an Ikea, but the problem with that place is they put too much temptation between the entrance and the register.

      It sounds like a lot of people have had pretty off putting experiences with second hand soft furnishings. Eek.

  3. Nope… the only time I ever took in a second-hand bed was when it came from a friend! I would not even consider it otherwise. Who knows what a second-hand bed “comes with” – shudder….

  4. Well Mama..I didn’t realise the dilemma continued…I have little pops hardly ever used single bed mattress stored in my garage. Its barely used and was purchased for her by her granny and pa. Its great quality but due to various moves and upgrades in bed size it is I estimate been slept on 200 times. It is bug free and it would be our pleasure for you to have. I find the mattress a bit hard..but i like a nest for a bed and granny insisted on little pop having a mattress that was good quality for her back..I have no way of getting it to you though. No pressure, I was keeping it for grandchildren, but its just being wasted and could serve its purpose. Let me know I still get if you don’t want a second hand mattress..

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