Home-made gifts for the craft-challenged.

As I may have mentioned, I’m not the world’s best crafter. I can knit…squares. And I can sew…straight lines. I can cut…wonky lines. If I try to make something even slightly complicated it tends to come out just a little crap. Some people could get away with it by calling it ‘whimsical’. I can’t.

However, I think hand-made gifts are great. I love making them and giving them and I also like receiving them. I’ve spent some time trawling the web and created this list of not-too-crafty hand-made gifts for similarly craft-challenged individuals.


Handprint ornaments: These are a lovely grandparent gift, though I’m not overly keen on the sparkly kind. Also, not a great project with a very cranky toddler. I tried and failed.


Vintage book garlands:  Of course I love these because they combine my love of books with my love of crafts I am capable of doing.


Map garlands:  Having been gifted a bunch of old maps of Europe, this one is well within my BNN means. It looks to require a little sewing – but I can do a *little* sewing. Or I could work out a way to do this without using the machine at all.


Dinosaur tooth brush holders: Um, I don’t need to explain why I love these, do I? I also like the idea of encouraging tooth brushing, something we are working on every day with Little Fearse, who loves to nibble on her toothbrush but not actually brush her teeth.


Hexie bracelets:  These require a little hand sewing (can do!) and are a cute way to use up some of your adorable tiny fabric scraps.


Glass magnets:  While helping Mum sort through old books I found a very mangled fairy tale book from the 70s. It was missing a spine and lots of pages and we were going to put it in the recycling when I started to look at the gorgeous bright illustrations. I decided to keep it for crafts. I’ve started making little sets of these magnets using small details from these illustrations. I have to say, they’re particularly gorgeous. I found the glass gems second hand on eBay (old decorative gems for the bottom of vases and fish tanks) and have purchased magnets new, as the advertising magnets I’d collected for the purpose were not strong enough. This comes under my ‘craft’ exception and is the very first thing I’ve had to buy this year for this purpose, so I’m pretty happy with that.


Portable dolls house:This little suitcase dolls house is divine. I have a suitcase just like this and hope to make one of these for Little Fearse’s second birthday. It’s incredibly simple! And there are lots of great ideas for diy dollshouse furniture. This is my favourite.

Of course, then there is the idea of not giving any physical gift at all. I love this article. This year my parents gave us a Zoo membership for Christmas and we have asked that instead of giving Little Fearse a physical gift on Christmas day they come to the zoo with us a few times throughout the year. A much more memorable gift.

A Vintage Crafty Adventure: Beautiful and inexpensive gift wrapping

And now you’ve made your mini stash of gorgeous hand-made gifts, here are some gorgeous wrapping ideas:

I hope your start to the craziness that can be December is serene and meaningful.

Mama xo


4 thoughts on “Home-made gifts for the craft-challenged.

    • Ooh, good to know! BP made the dinosaur tooth brush holder out of a dinosaur we picked up from the market for 50c today. (You can see a pic of it on our FB page.) Really quick and easy and LF LOVED it.

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