A crap week.


I’m all for positivity and looking on the bright side and all that stuff. I really am. But I also know how annoying it can be when people are faultlessly positive, even when something is just a bit crap. Last week we had a really crummy week. All of us got sick (gastro again, but this time much, much worse) and I worked too much and a few other things here and there stuck the boot in, too. It was one of those weeks which I really don’t want to relive, ever. But we’ve survived worse, and you guys don’t come here to read my complaints, so here is an annoying list of all the stuff that was good about last week:

  • We were the second people at the zoo on Saturday morning. The first people in the zoo went straight to the cafe, which meant that we were the only people walking the pathways for a good half hour. It was amazing…our own personal zoo. Little Fearse could wander as she pleased without us worrying about losing her in crowds. She even stopped just to rub her hands across the dirt for a good five minutes. It was something wonderful.
  • We met up with BPs family for our annual catch up on Saturday, too. Although it ended with Little Fearse getting sick it was wonderful to see them and just be with them. It struck me again and again while we were together that these people who I hardly know share a blood ties with my daughter. An amazing thing and something to be cherished.
  • I went to an inspiring lecture on Tuesday night about (loosely) the place of the arts in education. I came away with so many ideas I want to implement in our year one unit. Worth the late night.
  • On Thursday I had three big friends and one little friend come to visit and spend much of the day here. I was exhausted from my working week and was so grateful for their TLC (one of my friends even cooked us all lunch which is pretty special).

Ok, that’s all the positivity I can muster. What were you grateful for last week?

Mama xo


11 thoughts on “A crap week.

  1. Last week my whole family got attacked by a stomach virus, with staggered start times. So, I guess I was grateful we didn’t all get it at the exact same time, that we had sprite (a lemon lime soda that settles my stomach) and that it’s over. Does that count?

    • That totally counts. I was also absurdly grateful that BP wasn’t sick at the same time I was so that someone was available to look after LF at all times. Also, VERY grateful that I wasn’t sick while LF was, as she required A LOT of Mama TLC. Sometimes it’s the small things, right? I hope you’re all recovering well.
      I wonder if we all caught it off each other – do blogs carry germs? Jo at Down to Earth Mother also reports the dreaded lurgy in their household last week.

  2. I hope you’re all feeling better now. Last week was especially disappointing for me when they (dr office) decided I’m not actually allergic to anything so I can’t improve the 24/7 allergy symptoms other than with yet more meds….However, I still had a ton of nice things: a date dinner out with my husband, great conversation with my knit-night friends & a kid who’s starting to get the hang of high school classes.

    • They are all definitely things worth celebrating – though also I’m sorry to hear that you have no conclusions allergy-wise. I haven’t suffered from allergies but have seen my Mum take a raft of medication each morning to combat hers and can empathise.

  3. There are days (weeks) like that and, without sounding all positive and annoying, you just have to go with the flow and know the end (of the crap!) will come. You chose to simply acknowledge that it was not an excellent time but that within all that, there were some nice things you could focus on. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a great way to go through life!

  4. Oh, dear! Have definitely been there! I loved the rainbow illustration at the top–did you do it? Too funny! Reminds me of why I don’t like people who go around randomly singing out loud on the street. Annoying, smug critters–save it for your shower! Rant aside, I hope things are looking up for you, Mama Fearse! P.S. To answer your question, I’m always grateful for my velvety eared dog.

    • Ooh BP would do almost anything for a velvety eared dog. I did make the illustration. Paint and I have become very close in recent weeks. I figured since I’m not buying anything new (and trying not to acquire anything new) then I best get acquainted with the crummy free image program that comes with my computer. Turns out I quite like it. Such a nerdy no-no!

  5. Sorry you had a crap week! I love that you tried to cheer yourself up with something that annoys you – double negative makes a positive!
    Poo to gastro, huh? There have been some hideous bugs around this year…
    Wishing you iron guts and family cuddles xx

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