Happiness doesn’t just happen.

Sometimes I think we’re wired to look for the negatives in life. Instead of living for the moment and remembering every laugh and smile, we focus on the bumps in the road, the dust in our eyes. Today the Fearse family headed for the zoo. It was insanely busy – something we’d failed to consider when planning a trip for a public holiday. The queues at the entrance were looooong, even for the members line. The crowds between us and the animals often blocked our view. The safari buses were full. We took lunch for Little Fearse but decided to buy our own as a treat. The lines for lunch were so long we gave up. We all got a little bit sunburnt.

When we look back on this day here are the things we’ll remember:


  • having time to chat on the hour long drive.
  • listening to our favourite music in the car.
  • the smile on Little Fearse’s face when she first saw a lion.
  • the way she giggled when she saw the giraffes in the wild.
  • our morning tea on the lawn, in the beautiful sunshine.
  • the gourmet bbq we had with gorgeous friends afterwards.
  • Little Fearse and her buddy splashing and giggling in the bath.
  • that nothing compares to a beautiful day with your family.

Every day we have that decision to make. Sometimes things are painful or intolerable or irritating. Not every day looks like today. Sometimes it’s much harder to find our happiness. During our recent hard times we found it in the support we could offer each other. When we were really in the depths of our sadness we went to the zoo, too. We gave ourselves a new shared experience to throw light over our unhappiness.

We had to make a decision this year to focus on happiness and it hasn’t been as hard as we imagined. Even in times when we don’t feel happy we have the memory of happier times to remind us that it is possible and always preferable.

We have re-wired ourselves for happiness. What about you?

Mama xo


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