Illness and food.

This week I have had a touch of gastro. It’s never pleasant, but neither is it the worst case I’ve seen (or experienced). The thing that has got me is the absolute lack of desire to look at food, think about food, plan meals etc. It’s so hard to care about food when you’re sick, and this coupled with the guilt that I should care about food for Little Fearse all the time has made me feel quite glum.

In honesty, for weeks now I’ve felt really blah about food. I work really hard to provide Little Fearse with balanced meals at all the right times through out the day. I love thinking up new awesome ideas for her day care lunches. I peruse recipes like they’re going out of style (many of them probably are) and ear mark pages, fill books with tabs, write lists for shopping and plans for menus. I’m just not following through at the moment.

What do you do when the food doldrums kick in? Do you go into ultra organised mode? Do you buy more convenience food? What are your easy go-to meals? I’d love some advice that could help drag me out of this cooking rut.


Mama xo


6 thoughts on “Illness and food.

  1. When my motivation to prepare meals is lagging I go to stir fries.
    I only have to think beef, chicken or tofu. I chop all the vegies and meat and marinate it through out the day and all I have to do is pop it the pan – easy after a work day.

    I also like the crockpot – I do most roasts or cornbeef in it, I put it all in before work and it’s done by dinner time. I especially love it in summer as it doesn’t heat your kitchen up or if you have a spot in the laundry you can put it out there.

    As you have been menu planning you could go back and pick out the easy meals that your family liked and you haven’t made lately.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.


    • Thanks for your ideas. I haven’t made a stir fry in months and it sounds like the perfect solution for right now!. I’m sure we’ll be back on our feet in no time. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  2. Oh dear, feel better soon!
    As for quick meals, nothing beats breakfast food for the kids, even at dinner–especially then, actually. It’s fun for them to turn their meal schedules upside down. Cereals, toast or pancakes won’t put your stomach off, either (hopefully!).

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