Planning a Garage Sale

One of our goals for this year is to have a garage sale. We had great plans to organise a community garage sale in our street with the dual purpose of allowing us to meet our neighbours as well as getting rid of loads of stuff at once. In this fantasy we would all meet up for a bbq at the park across the road at the end of the day and play happy families. I probably spent too much of my youth watching Neighbours. In the two years since we bought our home we have only met the neighbours either side of us. The family who live on one side are perfect neighbours – interested, willing to bring in bins and mail when we’re away and never too nosy. The other of these is a rental and the people we originally met have moved on. We have never seen the people who moved in after them. They’ve lived there for months. They may own invisibility cloaks. My point is not that we live next door to Hogwarts (we do), but that we don’t have much of a functioning community in our street.

Thanks to FAQ Orlando for the image.

Thanks to FAQ Orlando for the image.

Well, Little Pop pointed out to me that there is a Garage Sale Trail happening in a few weeks time. Initially I thought it would be awesome to visit some of the sales on the day. Then. THEN. I realised that this takes all the effort out of me organising a sale myself and it’s kind of a community sale…. We’ve teamed up with a friend who is hosting our sale. So I guess we lose out on the opportunity to meet our neighbours for this year – maybe next year.

I have a room full of things I’ve been meaning to list on eBay. I know that I will get less for them at the garage sale, but it’s the chance to get rid of everything on mass and not have to go to the post office that appeals to me. We’ve been scouring the house from top to bottom to find things that we can sell. So far we have well over a hundred things set aside and I haven’t even started on my wardrobe or the store room.  As Katy Wolk-Stanley sugggests we have started a box of free stuff, including small toys, unstained by slightly shaggy baby clothes, randomly collecting advertising material (you know, free pens, glasses etc that you end up with all over the house) etc. All of this is stuff people may be willing to pay 20 or 50c for, but having a free box seems like a really good idea to attract your customers.

Of course, in true Mama style, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to run a successful sale. Here are some of the articles I recommend.

We don’t expect to make a fortune, but we hope to have fun and meet some interesting people and get a load of stuff out of the house. It will all be taken directly to the op shop if we don’t sell it, so either way it’s out of the house.

Do you have any garage / yard sale success stories or tips you’d like to share? We probably need all the help we can get.

Mama xo


8 thoughts on “Planning a Garage Sale

  1. Hey, when are you having your garage sale? Would love to share your post with my friends in Melbourne. I would love to check it out, but being on the other side of the planet makes it a little hard 🙂

    • That’s a great tip. We did something similar, but people weren’t really interested in our lower priced things on the day anyway. It’s amazing how every garage sale is different and gets different sorts of buyers.

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