The Joy of Popsicles

Now that she is almost 18 months old I’ve relaxed a lot about the foods I will give Little Fearse. There are still some things I’m reluctant to offer her given that they are delicious, very moreish and spectacularly unhealthy. These mainly include things very high in salt or sugar. Ice cream is one of those foods. These holidays have been mostly rainy and miserable, so ice cream wasn’t really on our minds.

As it happens, however, I came across a $1 bag of 10 or so pears at the market last weekend and decided to make some fruit popsicles. My last pure pear popsicles were rejected by my nephews and Little Fearse alike. Admittedly they were a little too pearish.

This time I pureed two pears with two small bananas and a handful of blueberries. They made up a deliciously sweet and creamy mush, which froze beautifully in four popsicle molds. And just in time for this end of the holidays stunning spring day.


Little Fearse LOVED the popsicle. She ate the whole thing with relish while running naked around the back yard, lapping up the sunshine. Sometimes we have a chance to witness pure joy – who knew that it could be found in a $1 bag of pears?

Mama xo


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