Slide Explorers

Little Fearse and I fear no slide. We have recently begun hunting down and conquering slides near and far. Letting Lil Fearse explore a multitude of playgrounds and experience new environments is amazing thing to watch. Seeing her navigate a new space and watching her interact with the obstacles and her seeming fearlessness of going down slides forwards, backwards and sometimes like this.


Mama Fearse has even put in some research and reconnaissance and has found some of the best slides and parks Melbourne wide and we have our work cut out for us for the future slide conquering adventures.


We have explored the quite impressive “Rocket Park” in Narre Warren, Lil Fearse went down a couple of the smaller tunnel slides and I gave the enormous  Rocket Ship enclosed slide a test-run, to see if Lil Fearse could handle it. From Mama Fearse’s account it sounded like a sack of rocks being thrown down the tube. It actually felt quite like that also. Seeing as though I could not make it down the slide “smoothly” on my own, I thought better of holding onto Lil Fearse and throwing our collective sack of rocks down the tube.  Once Lil Fearse is a little older we will return to conquer that slide.


Now that the wet and blustery Melbourne winter has truly set in, we are more likely to spend time in Big Poppa’s office making “music” with the keyboard and drum machine or work on our slowly expanding Blanket Fort, but when the rain and wind give way to the warming sun of Spring, best believe Lil Fearse and Big Poppa will be back on the beaten path finding and conquering the greatest slides that have ever been built.




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