Links we’ve loved #11

So, Mama tried to make these tortillas today. The recipe looks so simple – how could she fail? Well…she did. Any sticky dough advice welcome. You should try this recipe, because it looks perfect. The best bit about attempting to make tortillas was when Little Fearse threw a very clear and definite “tortilla” into her nonsense sentence this arvo. 

This Sons of Anarchy parody is brilliant and happens to merge two of BPs favourite things (which two things, though?). 

This series is written by a 5 year old. We love 5 year olds. This is why. 

This article explores the importance of slowing down with our children. It’s really hard to do sometimes, but so important. Today at the market we let Little Fearse lead the way for the first time. It took heaps longer but we saw things we’d never noticed before, and so did she. 

It is not terribly difficult to find gift wrap in op shops, or to re-use wrap from gifts given to us, but we love these unique and inexpensive solutions to wrapping presents. 

Mama cleared out over 50 books this weekend. BOOKS! Seriously! It was liberating and not at all painful. This excerpt from the Slow Home Bootcamp is what made it possible. If Mama can do it, anyone can.

When Little Fearse and Mama watched this version of Swan Lake both of their jaws hit the floor. Also, Little Fearse started dancing with her arms all ballet over her head, which was the cutest thing ever.  

We hope you had a fun weekend.

The Fearses

Oops, forgot the most important link


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