Links we’ve loved #10

We have really loved finding the perfect recipient for things we are decluttering. Sometimes it’s an item of clothing that would better suit a friend, sometimes a DVD we know someone will love or something we no longer need that someone else does (often a charity that is looking for something very specific). Liesl Clark’s post 365 Days of Giving is a lovely post that looks at giving from a new perspective.

This post about the first day of marriage equality in Minnesota made us envious. We wish Australia would get with the program.

Great short film. Watch.

We love Dads here at Fearse Industries – especially special Dads. Also, regular Dads. And wise, funny Dads. And cool Dads.

How do you feel about bear decapitation? We are fans.

We think this petition is worth signing.

Big Poppahumour.

We always like to follow when Vladimir Putin is in the news. Don’t you? He pretty much awes us and terrifies us in equal amounts.

The first time Little Fearse saw this she was completely awe struck (so were BP and Mama).

We’d love your recommendations for great links from the week. Hope your weekend was splendid.

Happy Sunday,

Mama, Big Poppa & Little Fearse xoxox


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