What are we looking forward to?

Katy at The Non-Consumer Advocate asked her readers today what they are looking forward to. What a great way to count our blessings. Here’s what we’re looking forward to this week in the Fearse Cave:

  • Big Poppa and Mama are going to the movies together for only the second time since Little Fearse was born. Yay!
  • Little Fearse will get to hang out with her day care buddy.
  • Big Poppa is playing a gig on Thursday night.
  • Mama is going to get a membership at the local library (the same one she frequented as a child).
  • Mama and Little Fearse are catching up with some friends at the museum this week.
  • Little Fearse is going swimming with her Daddy.
  • We are all going on a mini picnic at the local reservoir and checking out the kangaroos.
  • Mama will hunt for more time to curl up with her book while still on holidays.
  • Big Poppa is looking forward to having his car out of the shop and not having to zip around in the world’s smallest car (though having that as a back up is a blessing in itself).
  • Big Poppa is having dinner with a friend this week.
  • We are all looking forward to a trip to the zoo – hopefully this week!
  • Mama is using a recipe she’s found in an old magazine for pumpkin gnocchi.

That’s a lot to look forward to in one week. Lucky us. So, your turn. What are you looking forward to?

Big Poppa, Lil’ Fearse & Mama


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