When we start buying again.

Next year, if we decide to end our BNN adventure, we are going to completely change our buying habits. If we decide to buy new things from now on we are not going to buy the best bargain. We are not going to buy the cheapest thing we can and we are not going to get sucked in by sales that are not really offering us a good product or a good price.

I want to buy clothing made from quality materials. When possible I want it to be locally or hand made. When we can’t do this we will continue to buy second hand. We will have less clothing, but it will be better quality.

I want to buy the best quality home wares. I want to buy kitchen pans that will last forever. Knives and forks that are sturdy and quality and lovely to hold. We will have less home wares, but it will be better quality.

When we start to think about new carpet and new curtains and other new things around our house we will search for Australian made, hardy and quality goods. We will have to save for longer and hunt harder to find things we can afford that meet our quality requirements. We will need to prioritise and be willing to wait for the right things.

Purchasing things we need will take time and research and sometimes a lot more money than before. If we shop this way we won’t be able to buy on impulse. All of our purchases will be considered.

In an ideal future, this is how I want us to be.

Mama xo


4 thoughts on “When we start buying again.

  1. Couldn’t agree more that ‘less is more’ in the sense of waiting for the right, quality, objects and going for them, rather than going for the cheapest, lasts-no-time-at-all option. It’s so easy to get sucked into the ‘must have now’ culture where having the thing is the aim, not thinking about having the best, the quality thing that will last. It takes some ‘jam tomorrow’ thinking. I think we’ve all got out of the habit of that.

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