Ankle Breakers

So far this season my basketball team has accumulated two ankles injuries, two hand injuries and a season ending knee injury. The average age of our team hovers around 30; we won last season’s Grand Final and started the new season undefeated after 5 games. We then lost the next three, partially due to the fact we had a depleted roster and had to play with 4 guys some nights.

It really made me aware that I am no longer 21 and my body is vastly different in that it is varying stages of decay. My knees, ankles and back give me considerable trouble towards the end of the game and often for 7 days afterward. I decided it was time to take preventative measures to ensure I didn’t make this worse.

I decided on ankle braces as a starting point and asked the readers of this blog what they would suggest, keeping our BNN year In mind and the universe answered.


My Mother visited a friend who works at a shoe store in the country and it turns out that they had one in the back that hadn’t sold in years and years; as is evident by the graphics and dust adorned on the packaging.


The brace itself is in perfect condition, it’s not as flashy as more modern braces but I’m sure it will serve its purpose.  I haven’t played in it yet and am a little concerned it may feel restricting to start with. Either way I’m stoked I found a solution within BNN to my sports equipment dilemma. I’ll be sure to give you all an update on how it all goes and the further developments with my continuing battle with ol’ father time.



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