2-4-1 Challenge Update

We’ve stuck hard and fast to our (well, my) 2-4-1 Challenge. Keeping track of the incoming stuff hasn’t been easy. Keeping track of the outgoing stuff is so much easier because I always feel so good about finding something new to shed. It’s amazing how you think you’re done shedding things and you find more.

So, the current figures look like this: 80 in: 259 out.

I’m not overwhelmingly happy with those figures. For MONTHS we sat on about 15 in and 100s out. Then Little Fearse’s birthday happened. We knew we were going to take a beating, and we tried to prepare ourselves by getting rid of as much stuff as possible in advance, but woah! And you know, a lot of the presents Little Fearse received were totally BNN. They were second hand or hand made or things we’d asked for that she needed. We were stoked. Little Fearse was stoked. But it was a huge influx of incoming things and that’s hard to take when we’re working so hard to reduce.

One of the things I should note about the 2-4-1 Challenge is that we do not add things to outgoing that are thrown away or put in the recycling. If it is not passed on to someone else or donated then we don’t count it as outgoing. This means that we are thinking really hard about ways things can be reused, rather than just turfing. Recycling is a last resort, too. It’s a passable option, certainly better than the trash, but it is not as great as reusing.

Some happy 2-4-1 moments were:

  • seeing a friend show up to work wearing a vintage dress I’d passed on to her,
  • being able to give away a lovely little cat figurine to a small friend when she took a shine to it,
  • making over $100 selling stuff on eBay
  • offering a newly walking toddler from Mum’s group a pair of brand new shoes (which never fit Little Fearse).

The 2-4-1 Challege has made me think differently about my things. I look at them according to their usefulness and I think about where they might be more useful. I love this and I hope that I’ll be able to continue to purge steadily.

I did think I’d be able to get rid of a lot more at a faster rate. This kind of befuddles me, because I really do have a lot of stuff. In the beginning I didn’t even count the 40 odd things I had already boxed up for the op shop. I had hoped to get rid of 100 things and thought “Too easy!” Well the first 100 was easy, but after that it became a lot more difficult. I have a new found respect for Brooke’s 2013 items in 2013 challenge.  Hopefully there are some little stashes that I just haven’t found yet!

Any ideas where to look?!

Mama xo


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