Links we’ve loved #4

Fascinating article exploring the origin of the diamond ring as an engagement gift. Mama does have an engagement ring, though not a diamond. It is a vintage 1930s ring and did not cost three months of anyone’s salary.

We are big Rosanne fans in the Fearse cave and have been enjoying viewing old series back to back this year. We love Jackie, but she’s not cool. This made us laugh.

We love looking inside other people’s homes. This takes voyeurism to a whole new level. The last fridge probably looks the most like ours, though we like to think we have more fresh food in there.

Fan or not, this Kanye interview is one of the best interviews either of us have read in awhile.

Dad humour.

Tina does it again.

Furnishing your apartment for free. We certainly furnished our house on the cheap, but these are some great tips for doing it even cheaper.

Travelling with kids just sounds horrendous from this stand point, but not everyone has a terrible time of it. Some people even like it. Here are some ideas for making it simpler. 

Little Fearse is teaching herself  this dance. We are not sure how we feel about it.

Stay warm this weekend,

Big Poppa, Little Fearse, Mama xoxoxox


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