Basketball ‘n’ BNN.

My ankles are not what they used to be, neither is my back, my knees or my jumpshot for that matter. I went back to playing basketball last year after a roughly 10 year hiatus.


Here I am #33, aged approximately 14 – knees, ankles and back all in their prime.

I have loved basketball since I played my first game when I was 7. I played in one or more weekly competitions until I was 18, then made some “lifestyle” choices that saw basketball go M.I.A for about 10 years.
Coming back to the game at age 28, I noticed a few things don’t quite work like the used to, my lungs and my legs mainly. After having a conversation with a team mate after last weeks game, I said that I’m still avoiding wearing ankle/knee braces because It’s like admitting I’m old. He quite rightly pointed out that if I sprained my ankle, I would really feel old.
Thus my BNN dilemma; I think it’s time to admit that I’m not the physical specimen I was 6 years ago let alone 10 and I should take some precautionary measures to make sure I can achieve my goal of playing this game I love until I’m at least 50. Can’t buy new braces and am not too sure about buying used ones.
What do you think Sports Fans? What should Ol Poppa Fearse do?


3 thoughts on “Basketball ‘n’ BNN.

  1. Well Poppa, I see it like this. The BNN, whilst important, is primarily a self-imposed learning exercise. So a good outcome to this dilemma would probably involve 1) useful leaning and 2) no major injuries. How you work that out is up to you. If basketball is a priority, then maybe you can relax the BNN to buy necessary safety equipment. (Your knees wont be getting any younger, whatever sport you play). If you want to be strict on the BNN you might choose to hold off on the basketball until the year is up. Of course you could take a risk, but that seems unnecessary given that buying what you need to be safe is within your means, and the consequences of an injury could be debilitating and expensive.

  2. Thanks for the advice LindaMay.

    I think I am initially going to tape my ankles with some athletic tape a friend has kindly donated and If I feel a brace would maybe suit me better, then look into purchasing a couple second hand. if possible.

    thanks for reading.


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