Links we’ve loved #2

100 days of real food has put up an inspiring blog showing some of the best school lunches I have ever seen. And this is coming from someone who sees 56 of them every working day. If we had seen this post before we wrote our 30 days of lunches post we may have reconsidered. Be sure to check out the links for School Lunch Roundups 1, 2 and 3 also, just to make sure you feel like the shittest parent on Earth. 😛 It did, however, make us feel better to realise that we’re not the only weirdos who send our child off with frozen peas in her lunch.

You’ve probably seen this – it’s been doing the FB rounds. It made BP tear up. (Easier than it sounds.)

Mind. Blown.

This week Little Fearse enjoyed a Possum Magic puppet show. Before we went (since Mama sadly left her copy of the book at school) we watched this cute reading of the book on youtube. Little Fearse particularly enjoyed the music. She played along on her own little wooden recorder.

Laugh. (Ear worm warning.)

Someone linked this Live Wikipedia Editing Map on FB and Mama can’t stop watching it.

Have fun this weekend.

BP, Mama and Little Fearse xoxo


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