Why Sneaker Jesus Why?

Sneaker Jesus is testing me. I have been an avid sneaker collector/connoisseur from the time my Mum decided my foot had stopped growing and I was allowed to have my first pair of sneakers. I coveted those things; routine cleans with a toothbrush, washing the laces in the sink to make sure they looked extra fresh always. To this very day I still have my second pair of sneakers purchased in ’98 my Air Pippen II’s (shown below) are still loved, worn and have seen me through countless basketball seasons. I’ve been hooked ever since.


Coming into the BNN year Mama placated my “need” for new sneakers by getting me some new shoes for Christmas. I was satisfied with these suede beauties and thought that they would see me through. Then Sneaker Jesus appeared in all his glory to tempt me once again.


While at the studio recording my album, a friend swung by with a pair of Chuck Taylors in my size asking if anyone wanted them. Free Shoes? You better believe I snapped them up.


Before my most recent basketball Grand Final, my Mum, the shoe enabler from way-back, presented me with another unsolicited pair of sneakers to congratulate me on making the finals. Sneaker Jesus strikes again.

I decided that one of the first post BNN purchases for me will be a new pair of functional basketball sneakers, my ankles and knees aren’t what they were 10 years ago and I could really use some of that newfangled technology that hasn’t seemed to save any of the NBA’s elite from being injured this post-season. I get a year to put in research and make sure I get what I believe to be the perfect fit for me and my style of play. Then Sneaker Jesus lay it on really thick.

A friend of mine legitimately got his hands on an employee discount card for Nike. 70%-80% off the marked price.  WHY SNEAKER JESUS, WHY HAVE YOU FORESAKEN ME! I declined his invitation to shop as his guest much to his disgust and mine. I explained our BNN philosophy to a blank young man’s stare. I told him Sneaker Jesus was testing me and that in January next year, I will find the perfect shoe and it will be worth the wait.

I hope.


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