The decline of Mama

My decline has begun. I finished my shampoo this week. I use Moo Goo shampoo and conditioner. I trialled lots of other natural or organic shampoos before I lucked onto Moo Goo at my local health food store. It’s the first natural shampoo I’ve found that doesn’t either dry out my hair or leave it too oily. As terrible as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is for our skin and hair, it makes hair look sensational (for about 12 hours).  Shampoos that have more natural ingredients may be better for us, but they don’t always hit the mark for helping our hair look good.

Although I could find some wily way to get around this situation and continue to buy Moo Goo, I have decided to use this opportunity to work our way through the many bottles of ‘bad’ shampoo we have filling our bathroom cupboards. I see twelve bottles at a glance. There are also several half-finished ‘natural’ shampoos from the aforementioned trials.

Michelle Conlin, the long suffering (and I think very good natured, really) wife of No Impact Man.

Michelle Conlin, the long suffering (and I think very good natured, really) wife of No Impact Man.

So, a bit like in No Impact Man when Colin started taking away his wife’s make up, you might notice I start to look a bit lank and a bit oily. My skin might flare up with a rash again, too. I think if it hits that point I might implement a loop hole. Health?

Fortunately I have not been entirely rash. When BP’s Mum asked what I wanted for my birthday I told her all I wanted was a bottle of Moo Goo shampoo. I only have to wait a month and a half.

I will hastily locate all my hair ties and put off that hair cut for a while.

Mama xo


6 thoughts on “The decline of Mama

  1. Shampoo isn’t classed as necessary?? isn’t there a toiletries clause for BNN?
    As an avid SLS and chemical avoider, I say chuck all your commercial shampoos, they’re toxic and bad for your health, they disrupt hormones, get stored in your fat cells and can be passed on in breast milk.
    Home shampoo + conditioner recipe # 1
    1 teaspoon of bicarb soda in 1/2 – 1litre of warm water, put it in an empty bottle with a lid, fill up with shower water and shake. Don’t put your head under the shower, empty the bicarb/water mix straight on dry hair and massage into scalp/hair. It won’t lather or feel like shampoo, but it’ll really clean it. Rinse.
    Get some white vinegar and put 1/2 – 1 cup into same bottle and fill again with shower water, pour this over hair as conditioner. This leaves your hair shiny and tangle free-ish. not quite as good as commercial conditioner, but it’s pretty good.
    Also, i’ll give you some comfrey which you can grow in your garden and use to make comfrey tea. Use this as a rinse for scalp and hair also – comfrey contains the consituents allantoin, which is the secret ingredient of MooGoo for calming the skin.
    Sorry for being so bossy, I had a coffee this morning…. xx

    • I love it when you’re hopped up on caffeine. I don’t feel right just throwing it all away though…and J uses it, anyway. The home made stuff sounds good…will my hair just be clean, or will it look all right, too? I still have my minor vanities…

      • haha, I like being all hopped up on caffeine too. makes it hard to kick the habit 😀
        hmm. throwing it away is bad I guess.
        I experimented with different amounts and found that the teaspoon in water worked best, your hair should look fine. And like PPP said below, the vinegar makes your hair all soft and shiny. I found ACV to be more moisturising than the plain white vinegar too. It all depends what your hair’s like too I guess.

  2. I used to use a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar and one part water as a rinse in the shower. It left my hair very soft and shiny. I hadn’t thought of it in awhile, but maybe I should try it again.

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