Road trip entertainment

For a long time I ignored podcasts. I didn’t quite get them. A what what? A few years ago when BP and I went on our indulgent second honeymoon to Thailand he loaded up my iPod with Kevin Smith podcasts. On the plane trip over and then while lying in our luxurious bed at night we listened to Hollywood Babble On with two sets of headphones with a trusty splitter. On that holiday I think we might have woken our fellow resort guests with our laughter through the thin walls. These podcasts are crude and so funny. We have made it a habit to load one up for car trips back to visit BP’s family, something we are going to have to stop doing now Little Fearse is beginning to take in some of what is said to and around her.
The thing is, I now look forward to this aspect of a road trip over many others. It used to be about stocking up with junk food before heading off. Now it’s about stocking up with junk listening. There are two great things about these podcasts. About half way back to BP’s home town the radio cuts out. There is no way around it – there just isn’t urban radio out there. The podcasts never cut out. The other thing is that they are downloadable for free. There is no BNN ethical dilemma – it’s simple, free and funny entertainment.
Now that we need to shield Little Fearse from some of the poor language and crude content I’ve started to research our podcast options. BP is the comedy aficionado in our family, so I’m going to leave it to him to recommend some great FREE comedy podcasts to keep you entertained on a rainy day or a long road trip.

Mama xo
My three favourite podcasts are “The Joe Rogan Experience”, “Hollywood Babble On” and “WTF with Marc Maron”, however these all usually involve quite a high volume of profanity perhaps not all that suitable for Lil Fearse’s ears.

I just had a lengthy search of my podcast library and realised I’m not really in the possession of any podcasts, comedy or otherwise that don’t contain profanity or at least quite strong adult themes. I’m sure that there are podcasts of this kind out there, you know with nice clean Bill Cosby like observational humour, but unfortunately that particular brand of comedy doesn’t tickle our respective funny bones.

A couple of podcasts that are bit lighter on the profanity and controversy that I could suggest are “Sunday Night Safran” and “Waking From The American Dream with Kelly Carlin

Big Poppa

Can you suggest any other great podcasts, funny or otherwise?


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