Recently overheard.

Overheard at the cafe:

Woman One: “I’m not sure if you realised, but your daughter (approximately 3 y.o) was playing with a small jewellery box at your place just before we left.”

Woman Two, a little distressed: “What do you mean? Where? What did it look like?”

Woman One describes the box and where it was located.

Woman Two: “That’s my Grandmother’s sapphire bracelet.  HOW DID SHE GET THAT? WHAT DID SHE DO WITH IT? I never wear it, but it’s so pretty and I always keep it in the same place and she’s never gone for it before. Are you sure? Are you certain? Describe it again.”

Woman One obliges. This goes back and forth for a good ten minutes. Woman Two tries to pretend to be interested in other topics of conversation, but is clearly very concerned about the bracelet. Eventually…

Woman Two frantically calls home. There is no answer. She packs up two children and says good bye to her friend and tears off to check on her Grandmother’s sapphire.

Overheard at the shopping centre:

Girl to friend: “I always overspend and then have to justify what I’ve spent to myself.”

We hear things like this all the time, sometimes randomly in public, sometimes out of the mouths of friends and family. It helps us to appreciate our simpler approach to life, even when we’re feeling a little challenged.

My Mum has had some inspiring mind shifts since she started clearing the house out. She has decided that in her new house her Mum’s Noritake dinner set will become their every day dinner set. Her Grandfather’s very worn antique fruit set will be used for cheese and fruit. These beautiful things have been sitting in a display cupboard for as long as I can remember, never touched. I feel really happy for my Mum as she will get joy out of these things that she loves but has been afraid to damage. If they do get damaged I wish for her freedom from sadness and a happiness at having given these things life by use. I hope that woman two (above) starts to wear her Grandmother’s sapphire bracelet, too. Life is too short to save things for “good”.


Mama xox


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