Birthday + birthday + BIRTHDAY!

This week started with a birthday party (if you count Sunday as the start of the week…) and is going to end with one,also. If that isn’t enough for the average Fearsian household, there is a double birthday smack bang in the middle, too!

Birthdays – or rather, gift giving – is one of the big BNN challenges. You have to either be very crafty and time rich (read: motivated) or a creative thinker with good resources. I am the latter who sometimes pretends to be the former. We have approached gifting in a variety of ways this year, so far. I’ve made jams and cakes for some. We’ve re-gifted some of our own belongings to friends who we think will appreciate them. We’ve had some lucky second hand finds by chance and we’ve also had some long hunts online and off that have born fruit. So far we’ve not yet failed completely to find what we’ve needed, but we have had to plan well ahead for all of these birthdays and events.


Dad’s birthday onion jam, which may have been a little on the burnt side due to Little Fearse distracting me at the crucial moment that it began to turn from liquid to jam. Dad has not yet complained.

The Sunday market has been one of our best resources for kids gifts. There is a stall there we LOVE with second hand toys. They’re good quality toys and usually in excellent condition. They’re also reasonably priced, which is a bonus.

With all of the Mum’s Group babies turning one within the next six weeks I’ve got my work cut out for me preparing gifts. I have a crafty plan to make toys for each of them, but so far I’m doing very poorly with finding time (read: getting started). If anyone wants to post motivational quotes in comments I’d appreciate it.

Little Fearse’s first birthday gifts come from a variety of sources, too. We found her steel truck at the market for a steal (see what I…nevermind). Her variety of wooden musical instruments were found on eBay. Her toddler bike was passed on from a Freecycler. We also plan to use our last book voucher for a few books for her, though we’ve left it a little late to order them in time. (Oops…)

Something I have only learnt the hard way is that not everyone appreciates a home made gift. Not everyone appreciates a second-hand gift. Not everyone appreciates a foodie gift. I particularly like to give a gift that is enjoyed and appreciated, but I also need to be true to myself and my values when giving these gifts. This year, if it’s coming from the Fearse household expect hand made, edible or second hand gifts.

I have to admit, this is one of the really fun BNN challenges because it can be solved in such a huge variety of ways. And people mostly seem just that little bit more impressed when they know we did it without buying anything new. Even if they do think the gift is a little bit crap and it ends up at the op shop…*

Happy birthday to you and you and almost to our no longer tiny itty bitty Little Fearse.

Mama xo

*Which is probably where we will find it, re-purchase it and pass it on to the next lucky (?) person to have a birthday!


3 thoughts on “Birthday + birthday + BIRTHDAY!

  1. My littlest one is having his first birthday in less than two weeks. 🙂

    We aren’t doing the challenge that you are, but we are re-using things for his party from past events. It’s part of my nature not to want to waste perfectly nice and acceptable things. We’ve used the pretty leftover clear plastic plates and clear plastic flatware from our wedding reception for every birthday party of our daughter’s so far (3) and are continuing that with our son. Some get thrown away by guests and some get re-washed to be used again, but there were alot of them and they’re going to good use. We’re also re-using the light blue decorations from his baby shower and just adding the “1” theme to it with a banner, his cake and some new balloons. It’s not going to be extravagant, but it will be cute. The point of celebrating birthdays is celebrating the life of the child together and making them feel loved, not showing off how fancy of a party we can throw, anyway. 🙂

    • I think part of the reason I wanted to have a birthday party for Little Fearse this year is so I could see how the BNN challenge works with events. We also have a big container or ‘throw away’ plates and cuttlery that has been used for four or five events so far. Your son’s birthday sounds perfect!

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