Slow and steady wins the race (if that’s what you choose life to be).

One of the unexpected joys of parenthood is being able to share new experiences with your child. That first taste of sand at the beach, or splash of water on her face at the water park, the first time she climbed something at the play centre, or her first time on a big kid swing at the park, her first introduction to the cows on Granny and Papa’s farm or picking her first strawberry from their garden.

We’ve found, however, that these experiences need to be interspersed with many days at home – being together. On these days we reconnect, slow down, listen to music and play. There is a lot of napping together and sharing our breakfasts and lunch. Sometimes we’ll make a family time-lapse video for our Fearse archives. A long walk around our neighbourhood gives us a chance to move and get some sun and fresh air. None of these things are spectacularly exciting, not something you’d, say, blog about, but they are probably the most important days for us as a family.

A friend posted this on FB the other day…


and it really struck a chord. You’re either busy or you’re not. Sometimes it’s a choice, sometimes it’s not. But slowing down – or just stopping – once in a while is so valuable and it is also a choice. If I had a say over your life, I’d say hey – stop! Slow down. Do nothing worth mentioning today. Don’t tick anything off your list. Notice the new growth in your garden. Spend 15 minutes watching a snail cross your pathway. Listen to the birds. Take an hour to eat breakfast or, better yet, sleep through breakfast and take two hours over lunch. I bet you’ll feel  better for it.

Gandhi says it more succinctly than me: ‘There is more to life than increasing its speed.’ 

Enjoy a slow and simple Easter, whether you’re eating chocolate, pretending you’re a bunny or laughing with your family across a table load of great food, do it slow and steady.

Mama xox

PS While very tongue in cheek , I like this link:


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