Second-hand Serendipity.

Second-hand Serendipity.

Planning for Little Fearse’s first birthday is well under way. Our theme is ENTIRELY ORIGINAL, NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. I hesitate to even mention it on here in case someone steals our idea. It is based on a little known children’s book called The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You won’t have heard of it.

So, hunting for supplies for invitations we went to Savers and found, right by the door, three packs of DIY card packs + envelopes. All had been opened with bits and pieces taken out, but there were enough left over for almost all our invites (a few old folder dividers made the rest). Luckily I have paint and felt tipped pens in my personal teacher stash.

I’m really quite enjoying gathering supplies without buying anything new. So far we’ve been gifted lanterns a little ruffled and ragged from one of the rooms at school and some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, paper bags and crepe paper from a colleague’s craft cupboard. Lucky us!

Mama xo


3 thoughts on “Second-hand Serendipity.

  1. Hi, just letting you know I enjoyed reading your blog today. Best of luck on your smart and creative decision to BNN, as you say.
    I don’t blog, and have no website… Merely looking for interesting reading and ideas.

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