I bought something I didn’t need.

I went on a wild op shopping adventure through the ‘posher’ suburbs of Melbourne today, hosted by a friend who knows the area well. When I say “wild” I guess what I really mean is “whirlwind” because it didn’t end with us drinking tequila shots or buying ridiculous taffeta ball gowns. I think those days are over for me. At the end of the day we came home to our beautiful daughters, not a bad trade off.

I was pretty sensible today. I focused on stuff I needed (clothes for work and clothes for Little Fearse in size 2). I managed to find something from my list – a three photo frame – still in its packaging. I got Little Fearse a lovely stuffed Peter Rabbit for Easter. Apparently we are the kind of family who gives Easter gifts. I don’t think we were going to be that kind of family until toady when I went rabbit crazy at the op shop.

So, I was going along nicely buying things we needed or kind of needed or sort of needed and then I came across this…


Now, I expect you to be underwhelmed by this fruit bowl. I’m clearly some kind of tin weasel peckerwood looney because when I showed this to my friend and to BP they both made the same ‘meeehrgh’ sound. I think it’s sensational. All glassy and flowery and ready for my fruit. And it sure beats the very blah modern green ceramic bowl I currently have. I dig this fruit bowl. I’m going to see this fruit bowl first thing in the morning and feel satisfied.

See,I knew I’d never make it as a minimalist. Stuff makes me feel things.

All glassy eyed with consumerist goo,

Mama xoxo

PS Yeah, I’m categorising this as art. What you going to do about it?


6 thoughts on “I bought something I didn’t need.

  1. Not that you need to rationalize, but I think it is good to have fruit in plain site, especially for the kids. They tend to reach for it faster than crackers or biscuits in the pantry. So, the glass is really healthier for you and your family…

  2. I like the bowl. If it makes your spirit sing and will be used (really used, not just in your imagination), it’s worth bringing home. You can always cycle it out again later. What did you do with the green ceramic bowl?

    • I was going to donate the other bowl, but then I realised it will be perfect for Little Fearse’s birthday, being a certain shade of swirly green, so I’m keeping it for now. We have a small cupboard of dishes used for ‘entertaining’ and they are all very useful whenever we have people over for dinner or a bbq so I don’t mind the space they take up when not used day-to-day. I’m not sure if I will keep or donate the bowl after the party. Thanks for your comment – I’m glad I’m not the only nutter who likes the bowl!

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