The Little Fearse den.

I started the task of re-organising Little Fearse’s room yesterday. The biggest picture in our clutter collages is her bedroom. She doesn’t actually live in her bedroom yet, which is kind of why things get thrown in there to be out of the way and then never put away. When I was pregnant I was desperate to get her room ‘just so’ for when she was born. Ten months later it is still a work in progress and she has made herself quite comfortable smack bang in the middle of our bed. Or, better, slung across my chest where she can keep one hand firmly planted on her food source. No wonder my back is stuffed.

We don’t have any immediate plans to move her into her room (though her cot has finally made it in there, since it’s not being used anywhere else), but it does bother me that it’s become an extension of our messy home. If she wants to have a messy room when she’s older – great. But she shouldn’t have a messy room because her parents are incapable of managing their stuff.

I have twice now made use of our local freecycle community to collect clothes for Little Fearse. Although buying clothes second hand for her is not usually an issue, it is endlessly helpful to have a base wardrobe to start with. This week a local woman passed on three bags of size 2 – 3 clothes that her grand daughters had out grown. I needed to make room for this by finally packing away her size 00 clothes, which she grew out of months ago.

I should note that Little Fearse’s clothes are something that just can’t come under the 2-4-1 challenge rules. We hope to have some even littler Fearse’s one day and, of course, plan to re-use as many of the same clothes as possible. To get rid of these clothes to bring in new sizes for Little Fearse at this stage would be definitely detrimental to our future selves.

Violets wardrobe

It’s looking more manageable already. And I should also note here for future me to remember – no subsequent children will need any new clothes until they are a year old. Seriously. The amount of clothes we have in storage in sizes 0000 – 0 is absurd!

Love, Mama xo

PS Many of the clothes passed on by the freecycler are quite badly stained or unusable. I don’t want to donate them to charity because they are not saleable. What do you do with old, stained clothes? I already have a truckload of rags for raggy things, so I don’t really want to collect someone else’s old clothes for this purpose, too. Is there a charity that collects rags?


12 thoughts on “The Little Fearse den.

  1. Vinegar and baking soda is supposed to be a great spot stain remover, if you haven’t tried that already. We, too, have a problem with an accumulation of children’s clothing. I don’t want to get rid of them until we are finished having babies, and we are still hoping to have another in the future. Our attic catches lots of boxes full of baby clothing. 🙂 I do take stained clothing and cut it to make into bibs, though. They’re going to be stained, anyway, so they’re fine for them to use at home.

    • Ooh that’s a great idea for your own stained clothes (I’m not sure I want to use someone else’s for this hehe). I’m using space saver bags. So far it’s taking up a little of our under the bed space, but nothing else. Only problem is that I’m now out of space saver bags, so have to use less space economic solutions. Unless of course I have the luck of finding some in the opp shop again! That made me very happy.

  2. I live in New Zealand and the local Salvation Army and Red Cross op shops collect old clothes to sell for rags, I used to give old no-longer wearable clothes to op shops in the UK as well, in bags labelled ‘rags’. How about asking your local op shops? There are only so many bags of rags you can use, aren’t there?

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