When de-cluttering goes too far (or, tales of things that could happen but didn’t).

I’ve been searching and I have to honestly say I have struggled to find anyone blogging about over de-cluttering. You know what I mean? Getting rid of too much stuff. Or talking about that one thing they wish they’d never given away or thrown out. I know that it happens sometimes. I did read a post by someone (not trying to out anyone here…) admitting to getting rid of a slow cooker and then having to re-buy one when realising their potential in a minimalist kitchen.

This kind of thought process is a big brick wall in getting rid of stuff. I know that, and I understand that if I do get rid of something that ends up being absolutely detrimental to my lifestyle there is every possibility I will be able to locate one of its kind second hand somewhere.

Right now I would like to celebrate something I could have got rid of many times, but didn’t.


That’s right – it’s a piece of fitness equipment. Almost always a bad purchase. But I didn’t buy this in three small payments, or order it based on the testimony of a person with too-white teeth. I spent about 6 of the 9 months I was pregnant exercising on a ball just like this. Towards the end of my pregnancy I saved up and purchased one to try and delay the time between labour starting and going to hospital. On the day my labour with Little Fearse began I sat on this ball and bounced away the pain from about 9 o’clock in the morning to 9 o’clock at night. It was FABULOUS.

Since then, the ball has sat in a corner of the house doing a whole lot of not much. Occasionally Little Fearse, or a visiting little person, will play with it. What didn’t happen is any exercise or actual sitting on the ball. It has taken up so much room in so many different rooms over the last 10 months that I thought many times about where I could send it to start a new life.

Right now, I am so grateful that I never did this. My back has completely given out on me. I am unable to sit or lie comfortably in any way. I have been exercising it, heating it (yes, heat packs when it’s already hot enough out there to fry an egg on the grass), relaxing it, swimming for it. I’ve tried everything. The only thing that gives me any sense of relief is sitting on this ball.

No matter how crowded our house gets, this ball stays. From now on, I’m considering it my pet.

With a bounce-bounce-bounce.

Mama xo


5 thoughts on “When de-cluttering goes too far (or, tales of things that could happen but didn’t).

  1. Hmmm its a hard one. Living with a man who keeps everyhting – in case in come in handy, has made me ruthless,needlessly so, about chucking stuff. Then on the few times I have gone too far and he is proved right …oh the smugness. But I atill feel its better to live with a cellar you can walk through then the pile of crap he calls a workshop…and those half filled notebooks…

    • Oooh yes, there is definitely a line that has to be drawn. I’m just so glad I didn’t strike that line right through my giant ball. There is just no good place to store a ball that size and it seems obvious if it hasn’t been used for 10 months to pass it on. Then again, I bought an expensive one to ensure it lasted, so I should probably just USE the darn thing!

  2. I love my bouncy exercise ball, too. I’ve regretted letting my dad get rid of my entire doll collection so as not to offend his extreme religious friends. Now, I think hard before I get rid of anything major. Hence, my house is clutter city, probably. lol

    • I have a huge doll collection somewhere, too. I think it might be in storage at my parent’s place. I think it’s my MUM who doesn’t want to get rid of it, rather than me. We should swap parents. :/ (Actually, I rather adore the ones I have.)

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