Help! The house is falling down around us.

Possibly due to aforementioned hoarding issues, we have quite a few DIY house repair supplies. This week I’ve been endlessly grateful for them. Something we hadn’t considered before BNN began was how we were going to go about repairing things that cropped up in the house, as they do. We are fortunate enough to have access to Dad’s shed, approximately the size of our house (seriously), and filled with bits and bobs and tools to borrow. Other than that, and our own little stash of supplies finding that exact rubber ring / filter / size screw / shape hook is tricky when you’re not allowed to trundle down to the hardware store and pick it out for yourself.

This week our kitchen tap’s filter disintegrated before my eyes. To be honest, this issue began last year and after a few failed attempts at shifting the very tightly attached tap end we gave up and wrapped gaffer tape around the end. That worked until Wednesday this week when the filter finished itself off, throwing it’s bits into my soapy dish washing water. Dad and my brother came to the rescue with a swag of tools and lubricants, easily removing the end of the tap. They took all of the remaining parts of filter out. Dad offered to head down to the hardware store and buy a new filter. “Hang on, Dad, we can’t. We’re buying nothing new.” A little head scratching ensued. Could it be repaired? Parts of it were fine, but the key metal ring that kept the whole thing in place was in several pieces. Nope, no repair. So, what now? Dad assured me that Melbourne water was of a very high quality. We probably don’t need a filter.

Melbourne Water’s documents assure me that not only is our water high quality, but it is monitored by independent quality testers Water EcoScience regularly. I even skimmed an extensive report on the water catchments in our area. The EPA has also cleared our water. I have retrospectively researched this. I made my decision days ago. How blessed we are to live in a part of a world where we can make a decision like this? No filter is our BNN solution. I did keep the pieces in case we want to replace it in the future.

Earlier in the week one of our favourite little people dropped around to hang out with Little Fearse. Perhaps underestimating his strength (and also because our doors shift greatly in the heat) he popped a door over the stopper and its handle went through the wall. When I was a kid I loved it when this happened because it opened up the potential to create a mouse hole to another dimension. Instead of creating a mouse hole to another dimension it just put a hole in the wall. Luckily we are no strangers to holes in walls (we’re very new to DIY, but we did gut and rebuild our wardrobe last year). BP was able to fill the hole with supplies from the storeroom. We even have left over paint from the previous owners of the house. Score!

We are learning this week that clutter is bad for our minds and hearts, but some stuff is necessary, too. I’m so glad we have a small storeroom to hide away our jars of screws and various sized Allen keys (who is Allen, anyway?). I’m also glad that my overzealous decluttering hasn’t reached the darkest corners of that little room yet. I think I’ll leave it that way.

Now if only I can find a way to eliminate ants in the roof with the supplies we have at hand…

With hammer in hand,

Mama xo


4 thoughts on “Help! The house is falling down around us.

  1. Rescourceful! Lucky you have a dad that keeps everything!!

    I thought tap filters were just to adjust water flow -so you don’t really need them anyway. When we moved into our flat, the kitchen tap didn’t have one on it and it was WILD – when you turned it on, water gushed out all over the place, we solved it by getting a filter so the flow went straight down and was a bit more controlled and saved me and the kitchen from getting a soaking 🙂

    As for your ants, borax is meant to deter ants – and its something that could be included a ‘from the supermarket’ (even though I know you try not to go there) shopping trip…

  2. Vinegar in a spray bottle helps keep ants down and if you can figure out where they are entering, place a couple of sticks of cinnamon at that site. Also, if you can find their hill, pour boiling water down it. They will usually scatter for a couple of months at least. And yes, I agree with you 100% on it being frustrating not to be able to buy the little fix it things like screws and gaskets. I keep a list and check the thrift stores occasionally.

    • I’ve never really looked for that kind of thing at opp shops, but I guess it’s there…somewhere! I should keep my eyes peeled. It’s amazing the things you find when you really hunt.

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