Time Stops When The Watch Breaks

I buy service station watches and wear them with pride. I have enjoyed the disposable side of this practice for many years. The watch breaks, I go to the servo and for under thirty dollars I have a new watch, in the style I like (chunky cheap metal) that will last me anywhere from a week to 5 years. Baby Fearse likes playing with my watch when I take it off at the end of the day, I guess the noise of the metal click clacking is pleasing to her and who am I to deny her that small pleasure? Long story short, she broke it.

The watch is easily repairable, the shopping centre guy that cuts keys, cobbles shoes and fixes watches would probably do it for less than $5. When it broke though I instantly thought BUY NOTHING NEW! Loudly.

Mama Fearse assured me this fell outside of BNN and is under the umbrella of “services rendered” or “repairs:” It made me wonder though, why did I instantly decide the watch was a write off?

I have really gotten on board with BNN despite initial scepticism and fear, I really enjoy finding a way around having to buy something new and am endlessly impressed with the resourcefulness of Mama Fearse, she is more the definitely built for this.

I think that I may have gotten the overall message of BNN and our recent de-clutterification of the Fearse Cave mixed up. I initially thought of disposing of the watch and just using my mobile phone’s clock from then on, like the watch was going to take up so much space that we would be better off without it anywhere near the house.

Then time stopped.

I really want this whole BNN thing to work for our family and I am enjoying seeing the sometimes subtle and sometimes large changes this is making to our environment and home.  I need to find the balance between militant minimalist and crazy consumer that I’m comfortable with, that also suits our family’s needs. I don’t know, I’m sure I’ll get there…

Some Time.




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