A rash decision, or rather – a decision decided by a rash.

We have failed on our quest to buy nothing new this year. Today BP put in an order for 100 nappy liners. We do purchase the highly biodegradable, flushable (or compostable), disappearing into thin air, made from the manure of green tree lizards, practically-growing-sustainably-on-native-trees nappy liners, but still…it’s something that doesn’t quite fit under any of our exclusion clauses.

Let me tell you a tale about how we came to the decision to buy 100 nappy liners AND in addition to that to have made the temporary switch from modern cloth nappies to (highly biodegradable, compostable, disappearing into thin air, made from the manure of green tree lizards, practically-growing-sustainably-on-native-trees) disposable nappies.

For the past nine months (a little less, but that’s another story) Little Fearse has been doing her business in cloth nappies, lined with said nappy liners. This system has worked really well for us. We made the decision that once the liners we purchased last year ran out we’d switch to fleece liners. I even already had the fleece. To help us make the switch I spent a month sourcing a second hand high pressure hose we could attach to our toilet. This was something we were well prepared for.

On Monday we used our last disposable liner and started using fleece liners. I put a bid on a second hand hose on Ebay that was pretty close to what we would have spent on one new. I had already missed two other auctions earlier in January and I didn’t want to miss out this time. Despite criticism from others who have used cloth nappies (that the hose is unnecessary or a luxury item) I am really keen to have the poo handling in this house down to a minimum. Call me strange, but I feel that the fewer steps between leaving body and entering toilet, the better.

Unwisely we also started using cloth nappies and boosters instead of disposables on Monday overnight. We bought the boosters when Little Fearse was a few months old but held off on using them overnight as she was sleeping so poorly. Her sleeping has never improved, so we thought we might as well try them.

You’ve probably guessed what happened next. Little Fearse developed severe nappy rash within two days of these changes. She has never had nappy rash before and this popped up suddenly and viciously. We immediately stopped using the fleece liners. My research told me that it is not unheard of for babies to be allergic to fleece. We started using the tube of nappy rash cream that has been sitting by our change table, unopened, for 9 months. The rash stopped getting worse, but didn’t improve either. On recommendation we started to use disposable nappies, not just for night time but for day time also.

In addition to these two changes Little Fearse was introduced to some new foods this last week. She eats anything and everything that’s put in front of her and has so far had no reaction to any foods, but with the rash cropping up so quickly and severely we couldn’t rule out hives, either.

It wasn’t very hard to make the decision to buy new liners and for the time being go back to our previous way of dealing with our daughter’s toileting. We will, in the future, make our changes gradually and hopefully with less disastrous results. For now it’s finding a way for Little Fearse (who has been very brave throughout) to heal and working out what the core issue is. We would welcome any advice from others who have experienced similar concerns with nappy rash / fleece liners / allergies.

Compared to our daughter’s health Buy Nothing New is a wanky and meaningless experiment. If we were dealing with real health issues, or any other difficult life situations, would we be doing Buy Nothing New this year? No way. We can do this because our lives are stable and delightfully lacking in drama. This is a blessing – something well worth us remembering and celebrating each day.

By the way, I lost the Ebay auction, so…the hose hunt continues.

Thanks for listening to my shit story.

Mama. xo


3 thoughts on “A rash decision, or rather – a decision decided by a rash.

  1. Best shit story I’ve heard today. Try cornflour on her bottom. It is very soothing. I think the nappy liners can be filed under Necessary for Health and Well-being ( Of the whole Fearse family!) Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. I used Paw Paw cream recommended by a friend who is a nursing manager and into natural products. It can be a little thick to spread. But provides great protection with a thick coat. Found this cleared the red painful rash in 24hrs. My little J whose a big girl now had the gentic history to make her have a pre disposition to allergies. The times she did get nappy rash was when we introduced orange and apple juices. We managed to not get any UTI by using the thick barrier paw paw cream provided. He solids were introduced very carefully, Pear – 2 weeks, apple- 2 weeks, Lamb, beef, carrots, pumpkin, peas. No foods with preservatives until she was 2 yrs. She is still part of the longest running allergy/asthma study in the world, through the Royal Childrens Hospital and after 20 yrs, no link has been found for food and asthma but I think introducing foods gradually helped me be aware of how many preservatives are used in baby foods. A golden rule we learnt was if its in glass it must have lots of preservatives to last the shelf life.
    I prepared all her meals on the week end and froze them for use during the week. To the adult it felt like she was deprived of experiencing all types of foods that others children had, but now I am greatful, she doesn’t like anything sweet or bubbly..no soft drinks in our house. She still loves apple puree and has it with yogurt for lunch at uni every day.
    I don’t think anyone should judge you on the choices for your childs health. You guys are doing a great Job. So many changes this year.

    • Thanks, Gussy. I didn’t know this about Miss J. We are careful with food here, too. I prepare all of Violet’s food myself, too. V is now eating the same meals as us, as she has been introduced to most foods gradually over the past three months. Still haven’t faced nuts or citrus. This last week she had mushrooms with us for dinner one night, which she hasn’t had before. I was hesitant to give her mushrooms for some reason, even though they are not a known allergen. If she does have a mushroom allergy they can cause hives, but I think it is much more likely that this rash is to do with the changes in nappies.
      Thanks for your encouragement. I’m interested to know that the asthma study finds no links with food. We have a bit of asthma in our family, also, but fortunately not in my generation or in V’s so far.

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