Freeconomy – The Moneyless Manifesto


Freeconomy – The Moneyless Mantra

A kind friend sent me a link for the Sustainable Living Festival running in Melbourne this month. In amongst the program I found an event talking about Mark Boyle’s quest to live money-free for a year. Naturally, I found the idea instantly appealing. I wanted to read more. Well, I can. For free. And so can you. Mark Boyle has published a book and made it available to read in its entirety online. This makes me BNN happy, but also, a different happiness. Could this be the beginning of something? A more generous society? Less concerned with accumulation of wealth and belongings and more concerned with community?

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. 

6 thoughts on “Freeconomy – The Moneyless Manifesto

  1. Reblogged this on theroadtoserendipity and commented:
    Wendy from the invaluable blog “Quarter Acre Farm” shared this linky that makes it possible to read this awesome book for free. Cheers to Wendy, to The Fearse Family blog for finding it and to Mr Mark Boyle for being the catalyst for this impressive book and for opening up a marvelous can of worms that might just shake the world and drop an olive into it…Enjoy! 🙂

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