Mama made stock.

Mama made stock.

Here’s a photo of the beautiful stock I made last week, taken while it was simmering away. It felt great to use up all the random left over veges, as well as some of those cheap onions. I’m finding commercial stock really salty at the moment, but I’m worried this one will be too light in flavour. Any suggestions on what I can add, other than salt, to give this a bit of a flavour boost?


9 thoughts on “Mama made stock.

  1. You could try miso, or soy sauce/tamari. Or you could try Himalayan or Celtic sea salt, they are less salty than refined table salt and better for you because minerals are still there.

  2. On a more serious note there doesn’t appear to be any caramelisation on anything in that pot. You might want to experiment with browning your allums (onion/garlic/etc.) for a little more depth. Possibly even roast the harder veggies beforehand. Carrots would be a good idea for a little sweetness. Also, it’s a little tricky to tell from the photo if there are any cruciferous veggies in that pot (list here: Those are best left out. Bad sulfur/astringency flavours when boiled for extended periods.

    • With this stock I followed fairly basic instructions to just boil the crap out of everything. I think next time I would do some veggie prep beforehand. I did add lettuce, as I had one lying around, it bulked it out but didn’t do much flavour-wise. There are no cruciferous veggies (also recommended on the basic recipe). Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Did you ‘sweat’ or saute the vegetables in a little olive oil and butter until soft before adding the liquid? This helps bring out the flavour. Also you could add a spoonful of vegemite or even a small amount of curry powder or paste (not enough to turn it into a curry, just enough to add interesting flavour).

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