Downsizing The Man with “Nothing”

Mama Fearse has been “de-cluttering” the Fearse Cave recently and has been prompting me to part with anything that I don’t really need. I’m all for this as we have a house that bursts at the seams with “stuff” due to lack of space for said “stuff”`, So I had a look around the house, parted with a few stubbie holders that had been gathering dust since the winter of 2005 and then realised I don’t really HAVE any stuff.

My worldly possessions basically consist of a television, an extensive vinyl, CD and cassette tape collection, some audio equipment, a collection of gaming consoles and a pile of sneakers that has been shrinking rapidly due to my favourite brand essentially throwing quality control out the window in recent years.  These are things that I can’t or more to the point wont “downsize”.

I have too many T-Shirts, I’ll admit it, somewhere in the range of 60 to half a billion of them sit folded, scrunched and stuffed in my cupboards, with fairly persistent poking Mumma Fearse has managed to get me to part with fistfuls of these in recent times and send them off to the Op-Shop. I’m happy to do this because they get repurposed and truth be told I really only wear the same 6 or 7 T-Shirts in rotation depending on the cleanliness or ability to locate them at any given time. I could get rid of some more I guess but it is only going to marginally de-clutter the clutterfest that is my cupboards until next Christmas when the T-Shirt Tsunami rolls back into the Fearse Cave.

So how do you de-clutter your life when you have “nothing” to part with?

I’m trying to create less waste, eg. No plastic bags from the stores, repurposing takeaway coffee cups after use (great for freezing soup/stock in BTW), taking a water bottle with me to basketball instead of buying sports drinks at the stadium, just generally trying to consume less, as is the point of BNN.

The question remains though; how do make zero less than zero?

I have always been a relatively messy person. I find order in chaos. If you put something like my wallet in a place of prominence where it is plain to see, I can’t find it. If it’s in the back pocket of the shorts that I wore two days ago that’s under a pile of clothes and children’s toys, I’ll find it in a nanosecond. Same goes for my office/studio, there is stuff everywhere. The vinyl is not in any particular order, but I know where every LP is, I have packing boxes full of notebooks of lyrics that are not organised in any type of way but If I need to find a specific song or verse, I can find it with relative ease. However my chaotic system of “organisation” does tend to have things spread/strewn about a room in a rather “just been robbed” aesthetic.

I figure seeing as though I have nothing to part with physically, perhaps I can part with the chaos and divide the small number of things I have into smaller organised fractions in order to lessen the clutter and space that my few possessions currently occupy. It’s worth a shot. I’ll post some before and after shots later on once I have dug a trench to the centre of my little universe and start downsizing outwards.

Wish me luck





One thought on “Downsizing The Man with “Nothing”

  1. Excellent post Papa Fearse. No wonder you and Dan are such good mates, from the sound of this you are the same person! I’m trying to get Dan to do the same prior to our house-move. Turns out he doesn’t have much stuff either, it’s just much messier than mine 🙂

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