Shopping centre rage.

On Friday I visited a shopping centre for the first time this year. My Mum wanted to purchase a car seat for when she is looking after Little Fearse. As we’re keen to keep her rear-facing for as long as possible Mum wanted to get our preferred seat. So, we went to the shopping centre together. I wasn’t personally purchasing the car seat, though it would technically be allowed under clause 1.4:

Anything related to safety (especially for Little Fearse – this includes things like car seats, helmets etc).

We parked at an entrance that leads into the food court and then had to negotiate a short passage of shops to get to Big W. At first I tried not to look. I weaved the pram in and out of other prams and trolleys as fast as the foot traffic would let me. I still saw things though and as I looked at all the stuff, stuff, STUFF I felt a slow burning rage beginning in the pit of my stomach.

I’ll be honest with you. I have never enjoyed spending time at shopping centres and I have often felt a kind of panic after about half an hour. GET ME OUT OF HERE. This was different, though. This was a realisation that what we are doing is going to make so little difference. In this world we are encouraged to buy, to follow trends, to keep up the economy, to spend, to spend, to spend. One tiny little family can’t make a dent in that. Sure, it might make us feel better about ourselves, but we’re not impacting on our world. Not one little bit.

As we headed back out through the food court we were halted by a line at KFC spanning the entire width of food court. The rage began to swell further. If one kind woman hadn’t let me through I would have gone total HULK SMASH on the whole centre.



One thought on “Shopping centre rage.

  1. You are making a difference big Mama. Don’t despair, the more people know about your efforts (and that of others) the more it makes people consider their own consumerism. Since you’ve started your little venture I am now more inclined think about what I’m buying new and if I do really need it. Also, the more I talk about your efforts to others (even just in a little conversation) they are now also thinking more about their own waste. Go Mama Go! Just remember to wear your blinkers when you go into big supermarkets so you can’t see all the crap and oppressed depressed KFC munchers who believe all that marketing hype.

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